Power Nullification [metapower]


Cost: 5CP per rank (Origin)
Activate: 1PP; use-activated (attack)
Sustain: per round (special rules apply); free action
Range: touch
Save: Fortitude (negates), Constitution-based

You have the ability to temporarily suppress the powers of other people. Your target gets a Saving Throw to avoid the power’s effects. If she fails, you Nullify one of her powers (randomly selected). You can randomly select by using dice, flipping a coin, etc. The Nullification lasts for a maximum of 2d6 rounds (depending on how many PPs you have left). At the end of that duration, the target is entitled to a new Saving Throw, although you do not need to make a fresh attack.

For every rank in the base power, you can nullify powers of only one Origin: bio, cosmic, mystic, psionic, and supertech. Traits are immune to Nullification. You must touch your target to use this power, which in combat requires a touch attack. This touch attack requires precision and a small amount of concentration, so it cannot be an unarmed strike. You must expend 1PP to activate the power before you roll your touch attack, so the PPs are lost regardless of whether you hit. You can use this power only once per round.

You can Nullify up to a 10CP power for each activation. If a power is worth more than 10CP, you Nullify only 10CP worth of the power. GMs might round off this amount, so that you employ a power without Enhancements, for example, or at a reduced level of effectiveness. If you Nullify 10CP from a 15CP Energy Attack, then the target retains a 5CP Energy Attack. Again, GMs will estimate Nullified powers on the fly, for the sake of expediency. You can, theoretically, use this power multiple times to Nullify all of a target’s powers.

You can also use this power to Nullify super abilities, but instead of calculating CP costs, you simply cancel 4 ranks worth of Ability Enhancement. You can reduce a target to its Powerless abilities, but no lower.

You cannot Nullify any power that has a base cost greater than 10 CP or that does not have a less costly version. Examples of this include Gaseous Form and Polymorph. If you randomly select a power that you cannot Nullify for this reason, select again.

Targets cannot activate powers that you Nullify completely, but if they have sufficient PPs left to use those powers at reduced effectiveness, they can do so. Continuous powers cease to function for the duration of Power Nullification‘s effects. Power Nullification has no permanent effects.


Enhancement: Enhanced Nullification
Cost: 3CP per 10CP

For every rank in this enhancement, you can Nullify another 10CP-worth of powers. You can take up to 4 ranks in this enhancements, for a total Nullification of 50CP.


Enhancement: Indefinite Nullification
Cost: 4CP
Activate: 4PPs; use-activated (attack)

Powers you Nullify stay Nullified until the target receives  Lesser Restoration, either the power or the spell.


Enhancement: Increased Consumption
Cost: 2CP

If you Nullify a power worth less than your maximum number of CP, you can use the remaining CP to Nullify more of the target’s powers, but only if you can afford them, of course. Which power you Nullify next is always chosen randomly. You can, conceivably, Nullify all of a target’s power with this enhancement.


Enhancement: Ranged Nullification
Cost: 3CP

You can now Nullify powers at a distance, using a ranged touch attack. The power now has an effective range increment of 20 feet.


Enhancement: Zone of Nullification
Cost: 12CP
Prerequisite: Ranged Nullification
Activate: 4PP; standard action

You can temporarily suppress powers within five feet of your square (i.e., the eight squares you touch). Attacks made purely of Origin-based energy dissipate when they enter your radius. People with powers lose them when they enter your radius. If you have Variable Nullification, your Zone can affect more than one Origin at a time.


Enhancement: Variable Nullification
Cost: 3CP

You can Nullify another Origin type (player’s choice). The power does not change in any other way. You can take this enhancement up to four times. It adds a new Origin type each time.

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