Power Levels


If you choose to give out a different amount of CPs at character creation and/or per level, that has a effect on the general power level of the game. You are by no means required to give exactly the amounts described below, but they will give you a general idea of what to expect.


Street Level

For 40CP, you can buy a power and a few enhancements, a respectable Energy Attack, for example, a very good Flight package, or a single ability in the super range (25 or more). You could also forgo powers and buy an entire feat tree. Heroes of this power level patrol the city looking for muggers and are probably well-known in their neighbourhoods.


City Wide

For 100CP, you can buy two power suites, or really load up on feats. You’re a major hero in a major city, taking on infamous crime bosses and occasionally getting national attention.



For 150CP, you can diversify, buying several smaller powers, like Amazing Leap and Amazing Combat Skill, as well as a couple of major power suites, and a feat tree on the side. You are nationally recognized, and probably have an international reputation, too.



Once you get to 200CP, you can buy several major suites, many minor powers, a couple of feat trees, and you’re globally recognized. You might even have honorary citizenship in other countries or be considered a “citizen of the world.”



Once you reach 300CP, you are a living force of history, moving mountains and deciding the fate of the world. Your powers rival those of Hercules or the Monkey King. There are probably cults that worship you and great epics written about you (or the pop culture equivalent). Citizenship is a trivial matter.



Beyond the 400CP range, worlds tremble at your anger. Your abilities are genuinely god-like. You treat the reaches of space or the dimensions of reality as your playground and you probably shed the last vestiges of humanity a long time ago.

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