Power Leech [metapower]


Cost: by mode
Activate: by mode
Range: by mode
Save: by mode

This power allows you to Leech the Power Points of other characters. The Origin of those PPs does not matter; your body can simply convert the vital life force, radionic batteries, crystalline will (or whatever) into PPs for yourself. This power has two modes, Offensive Leech and Defensive Leech. Anyone who does not have powers is immune to this power, but anyone who has an Item that runs on PPs is not immune.


Mode: Defensive Leech
Cost: 4CP per rank (3HPs)
Activate: free; use-activated (take damage)

This mode allows you to absorb energy-based, Super attack damage and convert it into PPs. In any given round and for every rank in the power, you can absorb 3HPs of damage, and you gain 1PP for every 3HPs you Leech. You must forgo your Saving Throw in order to use this mode. You cannot retain any PPs beyond your personal total. You retain them until the end of your next turn, at which point they dissipate harmlessly. You Leech PPs reflexively, whenever you take damage from a Super attack. You cannot direct powers at yourself in order to recharge.


Mode: Offensive Leech
Cost: 2CP per rank (1d6 PPs)
Activate: 1PP per rank (By CL); use-activated (touch attack)
Range: touch
Save: Fortitude (negates), Constitution-based

You can Leech other people’s power points with a touch. For every rank in this mode, you Leech 1d6 PPs. You must hit your target with a touch attack to use this power. The touch attack requires precision and a small amount of concentration, so it cannot be an unarmed strike. You lose PPs regardless of whether you hit. You can use this power only once per round. Your target gets a Saving Throw to avoid the power’s effects. If she fails, you Leech her PPs. She loses points and you gain them. Power Points you Leech above your own maximum are lost.

The By-CL cost of Offensive Leech is different than the standard  because when you use it, you’re both draining your target and replenishing yourself. Therefore,  you can activate the power for a number of dice equal to one-quarter (¼) your CL for free.


Limitation: Non-Lethal Defensive Leech
Prerequisite: Defensive Leech
Cost: 1CP per rank in the base power

When you Leech incoming Super damage, you take a number of NL equal to the number of PPs you gain (e.g., 1 NL for every HP). If you take non-lethal, energy-based, Super damage, then you avoid the damage entirely and gain the standard number of PPs.


Limitation: Power-Point Overload
Cost: 5CP per rank (3PPs)

For every rank in this enhancement, you can retain 3PPs above your personal total when you use either Defensive or Offensive Leech.


Enhancement: Ranged Offensive Leech
Prerequisite: Offensive Leech
Cost: 3CP

You can now Leech powers at a distance, using a ranged touch attack with a maximum range of 20 feet.


Limitation: Active Defensive Leech
Value: 1CP per rank in the base power
Activate: free; free action

Your body does not automatically Leech in-coming damage. Instead, you must consciously activate the power, which you can do only when you can see or otherwise sense an incoming attack. Absorbing damage in this way qualifies as an action in combat, so afterwards, you are no longer flat-footed.

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