Power Detection [metapower]


Cost: 5CP
Activate: 1PP; move action
Sustain: per minute; special
Range: 60 ft.

You can sense when certain kinds of powers are used in your near vicinity, but you must have Power Detection activated to do so. If a power is activated or sustained within your range, then you will sense it. As a move action, you can concentrate on the power and can get a general sense of direction (in one of the eight cardinal directions).

If you expend a second move action, either on that or a subsequent round, and only while still in range, you can get a sense of distance to within 20 feet (i.e., if it were 25 feet away, you’ll sense “between 20 and 40 feet”). On the third round, you can tell the power’s Origin and its strength, measured in CPs .

You can detect Super ability scores only when and if they are actively in use. Thus, someone using Super Strength to throw a car, someone using Super Dexterity to dodge a blow, someone using Super Constitution to make a saving throw, etc. Attacking, avoiding damage, making a skill check, and making a saving throw all constitute a Super Ability “in use.”

You also detect anyone who has powers that are not activated and who passes within half of your Power Detection range. Concentrating on the power yields the same results, and takes as much time, as detailed above.

If a target has more than one active power, you will sense the total CP of all of them, and you will get a sense of the Origin of whichever is more powerful, if they have different Origins. Only if the powers are within 2CP of each other, will you sense multiple Origins.

This power cannot cancel for the miss chance of concealment, but it does add a +10 bonus to your Observe or  Listen check to sense the physical presence of a concealed character whose powers you have Detected (invisible, in the dark, behind a curtain, etc.). You also might be able to extrapolate a position based on your observations in concert with the power (i.e., your GM tells you that you hear someone in the closet and you sense a power in that direction, less than 10 feet away), but that kind of problem-solving is up to you.

Although you can, technically, sense someone using Mental Invisibility with this power, their power sees to it that you do not notice that you sense it.

Power Strength CR Range
Low 1 – 10CR
Medium 11 – 25CR
High 26 – 50CR
Very High 51 – 75CR
Run 76+ CR


Enhancement: Broad Detection
Cost: 2PP

You can now detect the use of items (magic, psionic, supertech) and item-based powers (Gadgets, Power Armour, Inventions, etc.). However, you can detect only items that have been or are activated. Thus, you cannot detect a Mystical sword +2 (no activation), but you can detect a Belt of Flight if the wearer is flying. Instantaneous effects hit you like a flash, so you have no opportunity to sense distance, or Origin and strength, but if the same effect is used again on a subsequent round during the same encounter, that second use counts as your second round of detection (distance), and a third use a third round (Origin/strength). Thus, if a Mystic were to use three Magic Missile spells from a wand in your range over the course of six rounds,  you would detect, first, the power’s use, second, it’s distance, and third, it’s Origin and strength. The CP strength of a Mystical or Psionic item is double it’s caster level.


Enhancement: Detect Anomaly
Cost: 2CP

You have the ability to detect major anomalies in the natural space-time continuum, provided they are within 500 feet of your location. These anomalies include wormholes, cosmic portals, altered time-flow, astral gates, tears in space-time, dimensional rifts, distorted geometry, and the like. You will have only a general sense of the direction of the anomaly until you are within 60 feet of it, at which time you will know its precise location.


Enhancement: Detect Entity
Cost: 2PP

You now have the ability to detect the presence of significant beings (more than 10 hit dice) that have the Outsider, Extraplanar, Omega, or Undead types, including infernal beings, celestials, deities, elementals and other such beings. The Entities in question do not have to have or use any powers for you to detect them. Their mere presence is sufficient. You can detect Entities at double the normal distance, and automatically pinpoint their location if invisible or otherwise concealed.


Enhancement: Enhanced Range
Cost: 2CP

Your Power Detection now functions out to 30 feet further than usual. You can take this enhancement twice, for a maximum range of 120 feet.

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