Power Armour [item]


Cost: 10cp
Activate: as power
Sustain: as power
Range: as power

Power Armour is a body-mounted frame that integrates a set of Gadgets. In essence, it allows you to bundle up to six Gadgets together, and all of them are Thought Activated, as per the Gadget enhancement.

You purchase the Gadgets using the Gadgets power, and then you designate individual Gadgets as part of your Power Armour. Once they’re integrated, they can no longer be activated separately from the Power Armour. Therefore, to use them, you must don the suit.

You can don your Power Armour in 4 rounds, or 2 if someone helps. A disassembled suit fits into a suitcase or large backpack. If the idiom fits, however, your suit could instead be a similarly sized blob of biomatter that oozes over your skin or an ancient Roman helm that conjures the rest of the suit. The material nature of the suit doesn’t change (it’s still the size of a suitcase when not worn and takes 4 rounds to don), but you can, and are encouraged to, describe it fanciful terms.

Just like GadgetsPower Armour can have any Origin although the most common kind is Supertech. It could be a crystalline shell (Cosmic), a living symbiote (Bio), or an ancient suit of armour (Mystic), for example.

Your built-in Gadgets are exposed enough that they are vulnerable to sunder attacks.

You can load up to 6 Gadgets into your suit, and each one is housed in a particular piece of the armour. It’s traditional to couple powers with particular pieces—attacks in the fists, protection in the breast plate—but it’s not required:

  • Helmet
  • Chest Plate
  • Left Arm/Gauntlet
  • Right Arm/Gauntlet
  • Belt
  • Boots


Enhancement: Air Scrubbers
Cost: 2CP

Your Power Armour is air tight except for a small intake that has an advanced air filtration system, the upshot of which is that it blocks airborne chemicals, such as gasses or aerosols, from affecting you.


Enhancement: Armoured
Cost: 2CP per rank (Defence +2)

Your suit is outfitted with physical plating that grants you an armour bonus, and the resulting weight/bulkiness applies penalties to movement (see below). Note that only Large- or Huge-Sized Power Armour can take more than 5 ranks in this enhancement.


Ranks Bonus ECP / Weight Max Dex Bonus Spell Failure Speed
Light Armour
1 (2CP) +2 -1 +8 10%
2 (4CP) +4 -2 / 10 lb. +7 20%
Medium Armour
3 (6CP) +6 -3 / 20 lb. +6 30%
4 (8CP) +8 -4 / 30 lb. +5 40% -10 feet
Heavy Armour
5 (10CP) +10 -5 / 40 lb. +4 50% -10 feet
6* (12CP) +12 -6 / 50 lb. +2 60% -15 feet
7* (14CP) +14 -8 / 60 lb. +0 70% -15 feet
8* (16CP) +16 -10 / 70 lb. +0 80% -20 feet
9* (18CP) +18 -12 / 80 lb. +0 90% -20 feet
10* (20CP) +20 -14 / 100 lb. +0 100% -20 feet
*Only available for Large- and Huge-sized armour.


Enhancement: Hit Points
Cost: 1CP per rank (4HPs)

Your Power Armour has its own hit points, so the suit takes physical damage directed at the wearer until it runs out of said HPs. Divide critical hit damage between the suit and the wearer. Non-lethal damage counts for half. Divide sunder damage evenly between the suit’s HPs and its Gadgets (with remainders going to HPs).


Enhancement: Self-Repairing
Prerequisite: Hit Points
Cost: varies

This enhancement grants your Power Armour the ability to repair itself (see below). It can self-repair only if it is at 1HP or more. As always, how the suit self-repairs is up to you. A Bio suit could heal very quickly. A Supertech suit might be filled with nanobots. A Mystical suit could just glow and reform itself, little by little.

Rate of Self-Repair CP Cost
1HP / hour 2CP
1HP / minute 3CP
1HP / round 5CP
2HP / round 10CP
3HP / round 15CP
4HP / round 20CP
5HP / round 25CP


Enhancement: Armour Resurrection
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: Self-Repairing

Your Power Armour continues to self-repair even after it’s been brought to 0HPs. As long as the bulk of the parts are within 1 foot of each other, they will eventually reform into the Power Armour you know at love by whatever in-game effect you describe: proximity force fields, groping tentacles, faery dust, etc.


Enhancement: Large-Sized Armour
Cost: 3CP

Your Power Armour is now large. You no longer wear it so much as you pilot it. It is approximately 4 metres tall (12 feet) and weighs around 1 tonne. You take all the standard penalties and bonuses for being Large-sized:

  • Defence -1
  • Grapple +4
  • Stealth -4
  • Space 10 ft
  • Reach 10 ft.

Large Power Armour also has an extra two Gadget slots: left/right shoulders. You can also access ranks 5 through 8 of the Armoured enhancement. Finally, you and the GM must agree to always remember that you’re 4 metres tall and weigh a tonne! These facts makes a significant difference to how you can play the character.


Enhancement: Huge-Sized Armour
Cost: 6CP

Your Power Armour is now huge. You need a step-ladder to get into it; it’s basically mecha. It is approximately 6 metres tall (20 feet) and weighs 4 tonnes. You take all the standard penalties and bonuses for being Huge:

  • Defence -2
  • Grapple +8
  • Stealth -8
  • Space 15 ft.
  • Reach 15 ft.

Huge Power Armour grants an additional four Gadget slots: left/right shoulders, and left/right forearms. You can access ranks 5 through 8 of the Armoured enhancement.

You must get special permission from your GM to take Huge Power Armour because your character will not fit in most places and will fall through most floors, which can have an affect on the game.


Enhancement: Modular Gadgets
Cost: 2CP per rank (1 slot/2 Gadgets)

You have one slot that two of your Gadgets can fit into. The Gadgets can be two that are already part of your Power Armour, or they can be new, or they can be one of each. With two minutes work and no tools, you can swap one Gadget out and install the other. With a Repair check and a Tool Kit, you can swap them in 1d4 rounds (DC 15) or a single round (DC 25). Swapping in combat draws attacks of opportunity.


Enhancement: Power Points
Cost:  2CP per rank (+5PPs)

For every rank in this power, your suit gets 5 PPs of its own. You can use these points to fuel only the suit’s powers. You can take this enhancement multiple times. Its effects stack.


Enhancement: Submarine
Cost: 1CP

Your Power Armour is adapted to allow you to survive under water. It is air tight, has an independent oxygen supply that lasts for 1 hour and takes up only minimal space on your suit.


Enhancement: Space Suit
Cost: 1CP

Your Power Armour is adapted to allow you to survive in space. It is air tight, has an independent oxygen supply that lasts for 1 hour and takes up only minimal space on your suit, sufficient shielding to ward off radiation, and is physically sturdy enough to withstand the negative pressure of a vacuum.


Enhancement: Air Tank
Prerequisite: Submarine
Cost: 1CP per rank

Your Power Armour has an extra Air Tank, but this spare tank takes up one of your Gadget slots. For every rank in this enhancement, you have 1 extra hour of air. You can take the enhancement up to three times.



Limitation: Fragile Gadgets
Value: 6cp

Your Gadgets are particularly vulnerable to sundering. Every time one of them takes damage, there is a 50% chance that it ceases to function for 1d4 rounds. The Gadget can continue to take damage in the mean time and potentially fail that 50% check, but the duration of the malfunction does not stack.


Limitation: ICU
Value: 2cp per rank

Your Power Armour keeps you alive. When you’re outside, you take a Circumstance penalty to all d20 rolls, and you start dying of Constitution damage at a set rate. You cannot heal or mitigate this Con damage by any other means. Once you get back into your armour or a life-support system of some kind—either a system you own, with PDCs listed below, or a staffed hospital—you can be healed.

  • Rank 1, “Minor” (2CP): d20 -1, Con -1 every 24 hours, Life Support PDC 20
  • Rank 2, “Moderate” (4cp): d20 -3, Con -1 every hour, Life Support PDC 25
  • Rank 3, “Major” (6cp): d20 -6, Con -1 every minute, Life Support PDC 30


Limitation: Bulky ICU
Prerequisite: ICU Moderate or worse
Value: 3cp

Your ICU takes up a Gadget slot and can be Sundered like any other. You may, at no cost, dedicate a second Gadget slot to a backup ICU if you deem it necessary.

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