Possession [power]


Cost: 8CP
Activate: 1PP; standard action
Sustain: per round/hour; free
Range: 30 feet
Save: Will (negates), Wisdom-based

You can project your mind into someone else’s body and take full control over it. You must be able to see the subject and be within 30 feet of them to Possess them. After you Possess them, however, you can move away from your own body as far as you can get before running out of PPs. You can voluntarily end a Possession at any time. If you run out of PPs, you automatically return to your body. While Possessing someone, your body is unconscious and helpless, so don’t leave it some place exposed if you can help it.

When in someone else’s body, you have no access to their memories, skills, or feats, but you do have their traits and their physical abilities (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution). You retain your own mental abilities (Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma). If you Possess someone with powers then you can activate them but only if you know what they are. You can’t just go rummaging around to try to find them. Also, if your subject has the Dramatic Activation complication, you must have witnessed the activation to duplicate it. The GM will probably require a Perform check to get the activation just right. You consume your own PPs when activating powers in someone else’s body because of your spiritual connection to your own body.

When you end your Possession, subjects have no memory of your actions in their bodies. They were effectively asleep the entire time.

Anyone whom you attempt to Possess gets Saving Throw to resist the effect. Anyone with more than 4HD gets to make a fresh Saving Throw every hour. Anyone with more than 8HD gets to make a fresh saving throw every minute. Anyone with more than 12HD gets to make a fresh saving throw every round. GMs can also rule that Possessed people get fresh saving throws at dramatically appropriate moments, like impassioned pleas from loved ones or actions that are particularly anathema to the possessed person’s personality or morality.


Enhancement: Increased Range
Cost: 2CP

Increase the maximum range at which you can Possess by 30ft. You can take this enhancement up to three times, for a maximum range of 120 ft.


Enhancement: Improved Possession
Cost: 2CP

You get a +4 skill bonus on you opposed Will test to Possess someone. You can take this enhancement up to three times. The effects stack.


Enhancement: Power Channelling
Cost: 4CP

You can use your powers while you Possess someone else’s body. You cannot access your traits. You still use your own PPs to fuel your powers, not those of the body you Possess. 



Limitation: Animal Possession
Value: 3CP

You can Possess only animals. You cannot Possess insects or any animals with an Intelligence greater than 2. Familiars and other enhanced animals are also immune to this power. All other rules function as normal for this power.


Limitation: Body Swap
Value: 3CP

Instead of Possessing the bodies of your targets, your minds swap, you in their bodies and them in yours. Anyone who’s Swapped into your body follows the rules of the unenhanced version of Possession. Thus, they has access to your physical abilities and powers, but not your memories, skills, or feats, and they consume their own PPs. If they have Possession, they can use any enhancements they might have purchased, such as Power Channelling.


Limitation: Memory
Value: 3CP

People whom you Possess remember everything you did while in their bodies. They were awake and aware and in possession of all their senses, even though you were controlling their bodies. They have no access to your mind, nor do you have any access to theirs.

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