Photographic Muscle Memory [power]


Cost: 2CP per rank (1CP worth of abilities)
Activate: 1PP per CP value of target power; special
Sustain: special

You can mimic other people’s physical abilities through visual observation. However, you retain only a limited amount/number of mimicked abilities at a time. For every rank in the power, you can retain 1CP worth of abilities, going by the standard CP costs (see table, right).  Class Features vary slightly in power level and/or utility, and you can emulate only those class features that you observe in action (you cannot emulate a Bonus Feat and then pick a random feat, for example).

To activate this power, you must observe someone employing the ability you want to mimic. It take 20 minutes per CP value of the ability. You can observe either first-hand (e.g., attending a basketball game) or through a recording (e.g., watching a karate tournament on TV). For vocal abilities (singing, accents), you can listen to an audio recording. You must observe someone performing the actual ability you want to mimic. You can’t just rummage around in their character sheet. To learn a new ability, you must purge yourself of an old one of equal or greater value (player’s choice), which requires a full-round action of concentration, during which you must close your eyes and remain perfectly still. Using the ability afterwards does not cost PPs. You pay the activation when you observe the ability in use.

The abilities you mimic must be physical in nature, not mental, and mimicking an ability cannot raise your actual ability scores. For example, you could Mimic touch-typing, but not screenwriting. Similarly, you could Mimic a particular set of dance moves and a certain ability to improvise similar moves, but you would not have the mental capacity to design your own choreography. As a rule of thumb, you can mimic anything based on Dexterity, or something that is learned. You can mimic the number of Ranks someone has in a physical skill (e.g., Tumble, Climb, Swim). You can mimic physical feats, and you do not need that feat’s prerequisites (e.g., Combat Martial Arts or Dodge). Finally, you can mimic class features that are based on a physical action (e.g., Uncanny Dodge or Walk Away Unscathed), but you cannot mimic a Champion’s Bombastic Aura, for example because Charisma is a mental ability score.


Ability Costs by CP
Item Cost
Skill Points 1 CP for 4
Class Features 3CP
Feats 2 CP each
Powers CP Value


Enhancement: Quick Study
Cost: 2CP per rank

For every rank in this enhancement, reduce your observation time to learn an ability (see table, right).


Ranks Quick Study Times
1 10 minutes
2 5 minutes
3 1 minute
4 40 seconds
5 20 seconds
6 two rounds (12 seconds)
7 full-round action
8 standard action
9 move action
10 swift action


Enhancement: Able Learner
Cost: 6CP

If you currently have a mimicked feat or skill in your repertoire and you level up, you can learn that feat or skill at a reduced cost. Feats cost 1CP instead of 2CP, and Skill ranks cost 1CP for 8 points, instead of 1CP for 4 points. If you buy a feat in this fashion, you must have its prerequisites, unlike with the base power.

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