Phase [power]

Cost: 12CP
Activate: 1PP; standard action
Sustain: per round/minute
Range: self

You can pass through solid objects, walk through walls, glide through furniture, and generally go wherever you like. When you Phase, all the equipment you wear and/or hold Phases with you unless you drop it, at which point it becomes solid again. When you activate or sustain the power, you remain Phased for a full round. You cannot cancel it half-way through your round.

While Phased, your appearance does not change, and you cannot talk to, or be heard by, anyone who is not Phased unless they roll an Observe check DC 30 (the supernaturally sensitive ear might still detect you, but nothing else can). Other Phased people can hear you and talk to you normally. Sound-based attacks do no damage, and other sound-based effects have no effect. You can, for example, roll and fail a save against a Command spell, but you cannot actually hear the command itself.

All physical objects, including mundane weapons, pass through you. Chemicals, from knock-out gas to acid, have no effect on you. You are similarly unable to manipulate anything around you. You cannot pick up and use objects. You cannot open doors or operate machinery. You can’t even blow out a candle without shifting back to corporeal form. Normal energy effects, like fire or electricity, similarly have no effect. Super attacks that are only physical, a Super-Strength head butt for example, have no effect, but energy-based Super attacks affect you normally, such as an Energy Attack: Heat. Other Phased people or attacks can harm you.

In-keeping with the tradition of such conceits in comics, when you move, you float just off of the floor or ground. If you want to move through the floor, you must deliberately jump through it, at which point you then fall to the next floor down. You can move downward (at your base speed and taking up a move action) by simply falling off of something, but if you hit a floor or the ground, you stop, though you take no damage for doing so. There is no empirical explanation for this. It’s a genre gag. Just go with it. You can freely ascend or descend through matter only if you can fly by other means or if you take the Fly in Matter enhancement.

Particularly dense substances, such as lead, fantasy or sci-fi metals (vibranium, adamantium, etc.) might block your movement, at the GM’s discretion. Energy-based barriers, like the Force Field power or the Wall of Force spell do block your movement.


Enhancement: Fly in Matter
Cost: 2CP

You can move through solid matter as if you could fly at your normal movement rate.


Enhancement: Manifest Sound
Cost: 2CP
Activate: free; use-activated (speak/make noise)

You can now make noise when you choose to, though when you do so you make all noises you might make normally. You can talk and hear, but your change jangles, your clothes rustle, and so on. You are also vulnerable to sonic attacks, but take only half damage from them. You can now hear as normal, and therefore are affected by sound-based effects, like the spell Command. 


Enhancement: Move-Action Phase
Cost: 2CP

You can Phase as a move action.


Enhancement: Swift-Action Phase
Cost: 2CP
Prerequisite: Move-Action Phase

You can Phase as a swift action.


Enhancement: Partial Phase
Cost: 4CP
Activate: +1PP; free action
Sustain: per round/minute; free action

You can Phase one segment of your body at a time if the rest of you is corporeal, or vice-versa. The body segments are: head/neck, shoulders/chest, stomach/waist, thighs, calves, feet, hands, forearms, and upper arms. In the case of doubled body parts (feet, hands, etc.), you can Phase either both or just the left or the right at a time. Whenever you Phase just one part of your body, you must pay an extra 1PP to maintain the effect.


Enhancement: Phase Other
Cost: 3CP
Activate: 1PP; standard action
Sustain: per round/minute; free action
Range: touch (special)
Save: Fortitude, Constitution-based

You can Phase one other person, but you must remain in physical contact with that person. You can do this only when you, yourself, are Phased, in which case, you render the target Phased by touching them. If you simultaneously render yourself and another person Phased, then you can activate both effects at once in a single standard action. If you attempt to Phase someone against their will, you must first succeed at a touch attack, at which point they are entitled to a Fortitude save to avoid the effect.


Enhancement: Scramble Mundane Technology
Cost: 2CP

When a mundane piece of technology passes through your Phased body, or vice-versa, there is a 50% chance that it will short out, rendering it useless until it is Repaired (DC 15). If it is shorted out, you also take 1d4 NL.


Enhancement: Reflexive Phase
Cost: 3CP
Prerequisite: Move-Action Phase, Swift-Action Phase
Activate: 1PP; swift action

If you retain your Dexterity bonus and are hit for physical damage (either by an attack or something that triggers a saving throw), you can make a Reflex save to instantly Phase a split second before the hit has a chance to do damage. The DC of the Reflex save equals either the attack roll or the save DC of the in-coming effect. You must declare your intention to invoke this enhancement after the hit is announced but before full damage is calculated.


Limitation: Gaseous
Value: 4CP

Instead of becoming Phased, your body instead transforms into a coherent gas. You appear mostly as you do when solid, except that you shimmer and shift in the breeze and you’re somewhat translucent. None of the rules for Phase change except the following.

First, you cannot pass through an air-tight barrier. For cases of barriers that are no air-tight but nevertheless do not afford a great deal of air flow, GMs might impose a move action just to pass through the barrier. Second, you will be treated as three sizes smaller than your normal size when determining how, and how much, wind affects you. If you are medium normally then you take the same penalties as a fine-sized creature when attempting to resist wind of any kind. Third, you move through liquids at half speed than when you move through the air. Fourth, you take half-damage from energy attacks, and full damage from Super attacks. Fifth, you can pass through only those barriers that are not air tight, this includes most mundane buildings but not solid metal, glass, or thick plastics. This rule applies at the GM’s discretion.

This limitation is compatible with all of this power’s enhancements, except that Fly In Matter applies only when you are moving through matter that is porous enough that you can move through it at all.


Limitation: Ghost
Value: 2CP

This limitation flips your natural state from solid to Phased, which means that you are insubstantial all the time, except when you activate/sustain the power. This enhancement does not necessarily make you an actual ghost, of course, but that is one of the possible reasons why you might take it.

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