Personal Assistant

Cost: 2CP per rank

A friend aids you in your heroic and personal life, your PA can be a family member (by blood, adoption, or choice), a close friend, or even a loyal employee. PAs are ordinaries not superheroes, and they can take levels only in the Smart, Wise, or Charming classes (i.e., d20 Modern base classes); every rank in the ad grants one level. You can multiclass your PA, but it must be from one of those three classes. PAs don’t get Action Points or Character Points.


Enhancement: Skilled Personal Assistant
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: 1 Rank of Personal Assistant

Your PA gains one level of Expert for every two character levels that you have. Which is to say, every second time you gain a level, the Skilled PA gains a level. This enhancement cancels any levels you have purchased with the base Ad.

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