(Cha, Use Untrained)

You are skilled at one form of entertainment, from singing to acting to playing an instrument. Like Craft, Knowledge, and Profession, Perform is actually a number of separate skills. You could have several Perform skills, each with its own ranks.

Each of the nine categories of the Perform skill includes a variety of methods, instruments, or techniques, a small sample of which is provided for each category below.

  • Act (comedy, drama, pantomime)
  • Comedy (stand-up, clowning)
  • Dance (ballroom, club, square dance)
  • Keyboard instruments (piano, keytar, pipe organe)
  • Oratory (storytelling, lecturing, hosting)
  • Percussion instruments (bells, chimes, drums, gong)
  • String instruments (violin, harp, xylophone)
  • Wind instruments (flute, recorder, trumpet)
  • Sing (opera, choral, rap)

Check: You can impress audiences with your talent and skill in your chosen performance type. A masterwork musical instrument grants its bonus to Perform checks.

Result Performance
10 Amateur performance. Audience may appreciate your performance, but isn’t impressed.
15 Routine performance. Audience enjoys your performance, but it isn’t exceptional.
20 Great performance. Audience highly impressed.
25 Memorable performance. Audience enthusiastic.
30 Masterful performance. Audience awed.


Performing for Money: When you perform, you earn a fee. Someone buys your performance at a particular PDC, which might raise your Wealth if it is sufficiently high. A street performance can earn PDC 5 for a day’s work. It’s just not that lucrative an activity.

For a live performance or a recording contract, however, you must negotiate your fee. If you audition, your Performance check Aids your Diplomacy check (or your representative’s check) to bargain with whomever is in a position to pay you: a club owner, a record executive, a casting agent, etc. If you don’t audition, but you have a reputation as a performer, then you Aid your Diplomacy as if you had Taken 10 on the audition (i.e., it’s the average of your previous performances).

Your industry standard fee equals your ranks in the skill; i.e., if you have Perform 10, then you would earn PDC 10. In negotiation, for every 5 points above that standard you ask for, your Diplomacy check takes a circumstance penalty -2. Inversely, for every 5 points you undercut yourself, you get a circumstance bonus +2.

Action: Varies depending on performance. A live show might take four hours in an evening or afternoon. A day on set for a television show or film might take 16 hours.

Try Again: Yes. Retries are allowed, but they don’t negate previous failures, and an audience that has been unimpressed in the past is likely to be prejudiced against future performances. (Increase the DC by 2 for each previous failure.)

Synergy: Perform (act, comedy, oratory) grant a synergy bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy.