All powers must have an origin, anything with an origin is “super,” and anything super bypasses most DR (i.e., “super” replaces the category “magic”) and can be affected by the metapowers.There are five origins:

  • biological (bio)
  • cosmic
  • mystical
  • psionic (psi)
  • supertechnological (supertech)


Your powers must all have the same origin unless you take Multiple OriginsAny power can have any origin, except as stated above. All that’s required is a sufficient explanation. An Energy Attack can come from a mutant ability you discovered when you were 10, or a bolt of pure will from the depths of your mind, or a Buck Rogers ray gun. Your Origin will have a lot to do with your origin story: where you got your powers and how they work. From a character/story point of view, it makes a big difference if your powers are perceived as part of the world of science (supertech or bio), magic (mystical), pseudo-science (psionics), or something totally mysterious (cosmic).

Origins only come up in the rules when powers interact with each other. The Metapowers, for example, are often keyed to specific origins, as are some of the Resistance powers. There is also is a significant difference between mystic, psionic, and supertech items.


This Origin indicates powers that come from your physiology in some way. It includes mutants and aliens, as well as genetic alterations, deliberate or otherwise. All Traits are biological. We often shorten it to “bio.”


This Origin includes any energy source that is misunderstood and mysterious, from the totally illogical results of being bitten by radioactive animals or struck by lightning, to empowerment by forces from beyond the stars. It is the catch-all explanation for the unexplainable.


This Origin comes from the supernatural in its traditional forms, harnessing blind forces of the universe, receiving blessings from deities, etc.. It includes both the Arcane and the Divine. All spells, spell-like effects, and magic items are mystical.


This Origin indicates the external manifestation of internal power, sheer force of will and mind over matter. All psi-powers, psionic effects, and psionic items are psionic.


This Origin includes technology that is beyond the mundane. What is actually beyond the mundane changes about every fifteen minutes, so the rule of thumb when in doubt is if the technology in question directly duplicates a power, then it’s Supertech. Inventions (Super Equipment. Super Weapons, Superchemicals, Gizmos, and Ray Guns) are all supertech. Most Gadgets and Power Armour are supertech, but they can be of any origin.

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