Officer X-Ray


(created by Charlie Dunn)


Full Name: Raymond Cortez

Appearance: Officer X-Ray wears a SWAT uniform with a radiation symbol stylised to look like an X. His uniform is less bulky (it doesn’t have the vest and the helmet is more sleek) because X-Ray doesn’t need the protection. He wears the uniform out of solidarity with his fellow officers.

Personality/History: Ray is a Police Officer, the son of a Police Officer who was the son of an immigrant… who was a police officer in Spain. Upholding the Law is in his blood. He practised every day with his service pistol, he read every manual and attended every seminar. He made his way into the elite ranks of SWAT, the city’s Special Weapons And Tactics unit. Then came the day that life changed for Ray Cortes. He responded to a break-in and hostage situation at GlobalDynaBio Corp. Leading the assault team into the research wing, Ray was caught in the crossfire between Super Powered Criminals and a Super Powered Vigilante called OmniMAX. It seems that discharging high energy weapons inside a lab with biological and chemical experiments could prove dangerous (what are the odds, right?).

Well, after clearing the rubble, rescuers discovered most of the pieces of OmniMAX and an apparently unharmed Raymond Cortes. As such things tend to happen, Raymond had his own super powers now. He is left with the power to project high energy bolts of X-ray radiation as well as use low levels of x-rays to peer through most materials. His high energy state also allows him to greatly improve the efficiency of his own body boosting his strength, toughness and neurological responses. Loathing the vigilantism that precipitated his condition and owing to his own history, Ray elected to remain in the police department and is now a very special part of the SWAT team. For far too long, the city has been helpless in the face of super powered threats except to call upon unknown and unpredictable “Heroes.” Now, Officer X-Ray is on the job.

Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Power Theme: Officer X-Ray’s powers are all based on x-rays. He projects powerful blasts of radiation as his Energy Attack, deflects blows and projectiles by melting them in the air, super-heats the air in order to create small gusts of wind that aid his jumping distance, and of course he can project x-rays through his eyes and render solid objects temporarily transparent, but only to him. Temporary infusions of x-rays can also increase his heart-rate and blood flow, thus granting him increased strength, speed, and physical durability.

Combat/Tactics: X-Ray likes to enter combat by the book, first announcing his presence and offering his opponents the chance to give up, and then after an appropriate amount of time, storming the area with the maximum force required to subdue his opponents but without risking civilian casualties.


Class Adventurer 10
Species Human
Ethnicity Puerto Rican
Nationality American
Character Level 10 (10 level + 100CPs)
Hit Dice 10d10 (59HP, Boosted 109HP)
Mass. Damage 50HPs
Initiative +4 (Boosted +9)
Speed 45 ft.
Defence  23 (Class +5, Dex +4, Amazing Defence +4),
Touch: 19, Flat-Footed: 19
Boosted: Defence 28(Dex +9); Touch: 24
Knockback  18 (Boosted 23)
Base Attack +7/+2; Mêlée: +7/+2, Ranged: +11/+6
Boosted: Mêlée: +13/+8, Ranged +16/+11
Energy Attack “X-Ray Shot” +16 (+21 Boosted) Range 100ft. (10d6 heat, 19-20/x3)
Medium Pistol “Glock 9mm” +17 (+22 Boosted) (2d6 ballistic, 20/x2)
Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 18 +4, Con 12 +1, Int 14 +2, Wis 16 +3, Cha 10
Boosted: Str 20 +5, Dex 28 +9, Con 22 +6
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance Police Department
Saves  Fort +8, Ref +11, Will +10
Boosted: Fort +13, Ref +16
Action Points 11
Reputation +9
Occupation Law Enforcement
Skills 78
Climb +10 (rnk 10), Cr: Mechanical +7 (rnk 5), Drive +18 (rnk  10), Jump +10 (rnk 10), Kn: History +7 (rnk 5), Kn:  Tactics +7 (rnk 5), Observe +8 (rnk 5), Pilot +17 (rnk 13), Repair +7 (engines +2) (rnk 5), Swim +5 (rnk 5), Treat Injury +8 (rnk 5),
Feats Dodge (Fast Move, Mobility), Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Plot Device, Point Blank Shot (Precise Shot, Shot on the Run)
Proficiencies Weapons, Firearms, Armour, Shields
Power Die 45PPs
Origin Cosmic
Powers 83cp
Ability Boost Physical rnk 10 (+10) 20CP
Amazing Accuracy rnk 5 (Ranged +5) 10CP
Amazing Deflection rnk 4 (Defl. +4) 8CP
Amazing Leap Jump +10 1CP
Energy Attack heat, 10d6, 100 ft., Improved Crit Range/Damage 36CP
Penetrating Vision  8CP
Special Abilities Law-Enforcement Powers, Lucky Item, Jack of All Trades, Uncanny Dodge, Fabled Luck, Evasion
Wealth 10
Equipment Lucky Item: father’s brass police badge
Glock 9mm
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