New/Altered Skill Rules


Separations and Consolidations

We have separated Acrobatics into Tumble and Jump because it’s a staple of the superhero genre that a high strength grants the ability to make huge leaps. We have also combined all the abilities associated with Use Magic Device and Use Psionic Device into the single skill Use Device, which also includes supertech devices.


Class Skills

Points per Level

Class Skill Points at First Level PointsPer Level
Adventurer (6 + Int modifier) x 4 6 + Int modifier
Champion (4 + Int modifier) x 4 4 + Int modifier
Martial Artist (6 + Int modifier) x 4 6 + Int modifier
Mastermind (6 + Int modifier) x 4 6 + Int modifier
Sidekick (5 + Int modifier) x 4 5 + Int modifier
Sleuth (8 + Int modifier) x 4 8 + Int modifier
Sneak (10 + Int modifier) x 4 10 + Int modifier
Socialite (6 + Int modifier) x 4 6 + Int modifier
Soldier (6 + Int modifier) x 4 6 + Int modifier
Thinker (10 + Int modifier) x 4 10 + Int modifier
Warrior (4 + Int modifier) x 4 4 + Int modifier

Note that you can buy the Skill Points Ad (which grants four skill points), and you can take the Skill Aptitude feat (which raises your Max Ranks by +3).


Aid Skill

To Aid someone else’s skill roll, you roll against DC 10, and if you succeed, you grant Circumstance +2, and an additional +2 for every 5 points by which you succeed. GMs reserve the right to rule that some skills just can’t be performed by two people. In most cases, you have to Aid a skill at the same time and in the same space as the person who’s performing the skill, but you could conceivable Aid someone remotely (i.e., over the phone, via video feed, telepathically, etc.).


Synergy Bonus

In Phoenix you get Synergy +2 to a secondary skill for every 5 ranks you have in a primary skill, with the exception of Profession. The synergy bonus from Research applies only if you have access to a stocked library or the internet. However, Synergy Bonuses do not stack. For example, if you have Rank 10 in Behavioural Sciences (+4 synergy bonus to Intimidate) as well as Rank 15 in Bluff (+6 synergy bonus to Intimidate), then you get +6 to Intimidate, not +10.

  • Bluff: Diplomacy, Intimidate, Sleight of Hand
  • Computer Use: Disable Device (electronics)
  • Craft 
    • Chemical: Appraise (chemicals)
    • Electronic: Appraise (electronics), Computers, Disable Device (electronic)
    • Mechanical:  Appraise (machines), Disable Device (mechanical), Drive or Pilot (mechanical vehicles)
    • Pharmaceutical:  Appraise (drugs), Heal
    • Structural: Appraise (structures)
    • Visual Art:  Appraise (visual art)
    • Writing: Appraise (writing), Linguistics (create/detect forgeries)
  • Disable Device: Craft (mechanical) or Craft (electronic) (for locks, security devices, etc.)
  • Handle Animal: Ride (animals)
  • Intimidate: Diplomacy (to gather information)
  • Jump: Tumble
  • Knowledge 
    • Behavioural Sciences: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate
    • Earth/Life Sciences: Heal, Craft (chemical)
    • Physical Sciences: Craft (mechanical), Craft (structural)
    • Pop Culture: Diplomacy (to gather information)
    • Technology: Craft (electronics), Powercraft (supertech), Craft (electronics) (to repair), Use Device (supertech)
    • Theology/Philosophy: Turn Undead (turning checks)
  • Linguistics: Use Device (scrolls)
  • Perform: Bluff, Diplomacy
  • Profession: Reputation checks (only if applicable)
  • Pilot: Drive
  • Powercraft: Craft (electronics) (to repair), Use Device (supertech)
  • Psicraft: Use Device (psionic)
  • Research: Craft (any), Knowledge (any) (see text)
  • Search: Survival (tracking)
  • Sense Motive: Diplomacy
  • Spellcraft: Use Device (mystic)
  • Survival: Knowledge (earth/life sciences)
  • Tumble: Jump, Ride
  • Use Device: Spellcraft (mystic items), Psicraft (psionic items), Powercraft (supertech items)


Super Skills

Any time you use a skill that is based on a Super ability score, you have effectively activated a power for the purposes of determining how that power might interact with metapowers. For example, Power Detection would sense a super-strength Jump.


Epic Skills

You can use Epic skills from the SRDs if you have sufficiently high bonuses to achieve them. In many cases, epic skills can outright replace certain powers, such as Climb instead of Surface Adhesion. This is a staple of superhero comics. You can also take the Skill Aptitude feat tree to increase or even eliminate your maximum ranks in a skill. You can thus potentially create a character with no actual powers but many equivalent abilities by ramping your skills up to omega proportions.

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