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A Nemesis is an arch-villain who, for whatever reason, is obsessed not just with defeating you, but doing so publicly to prove his or her superiority to you. A Nemesis can be any person, group, or organization that has a personal investment in causing you harmĀ  and the means to accomplish it. A Nemesis has two aspects, frequency and power. The frequency with which your Nemesis shows up in your life is based on his or her CP value The CP value of this comp is the total of the frequency and power of your Nemesis. You can take this Comp up to 4 times, for a total of 4 Nemeses. Any other regular villains are just part of your Rogues Gallery, and though threatening and annoying, they don’t have the same personal stake in humiliating you. You can also upgrade an existing Nemesis. This kind of thing should happen through an in-game explanation. A particularly humiliating defeat at the hands of your Nemesis might embolden her. Alternatively, if you embarrass him, he might come back even madder than before.


Your GM will roll to see if your Nemesis shows up while designing your game and then work him, her, or them into the story. The frequency is expressed as a percentage chance with the GM will roll on percentile dice. They will always be integrated into the plot, not just random people who throw grenades at you out of spite.

  • Rank 1 (1CP): 15%
  • Rank 2 (2CP) : 30%
  • Rank 3 (3CP) : 45%
  • Rank 4 (4CP) : 60%



Your Nemesis has a number of CPs relative to your power. This includes the value of character levels. If you were 5th level and had 30CPs worth of powers, then you would have a total of 80CP in your character. That means that a 2CP Nemesis could have up to 40CP in either levels, or powers, or both. The power of your Nemesis is expressed as a fraction of your total CPs.

  • Rank 1 (1CP): 25%
  • Rank 2 (2CP) : 50%
  • Rank 3 (3CP) : 100%
  • Rank 4 (4CP) : 150%
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