Natural Weapons [trait]


Cost: 2CP

You have two body parts that you can use like weapons, such as claws, jaws, horns, elbow spikes, etc.. You are now always “armed,” for game purposes, and you can use your Natural Weapons for two-weapon fighting just as if you were wielding two weapons. Natural Weapons are “simple” and “light”; their damage is 1d6 (20/x2). When you take this trait, you must decide if your Natural Weapons do lethal or non-lethal damage.

Unless your weapon is retractable, your GM might require that you take Bizarre Area Effect to account for your unusual appearance.


Enhancement: Adamantine
Cost: 3CP

For whatever reason you care to supply, your Natural Weapon ignores DR.


Enhancement: Super
Cost: 2CP
Prerequisite: Adamantine
Activate: n/a

Your Natural Weapons can bypass Super DR but are also vulnerable to the metapowers.


Enhancement: Extra Weapon
Cost: 1CP per rank (extra weapon)

For every rank in this enhancement, you have another Natural Weapon mounted somewhere on your body. You can  mount an Extra Weapon onto an Appendage. This enhancement does not automatically grant extra attacks or extra limbs. You must buy some enhancements separately for each extra weapon: Adamantine, Improved Damage, Ranged Natural Weapons, Retractable Natural Weapons, and Super Natural Weapons.


Enhancement: Improved Damage
Cost: 1CP per rank (+1d6 damage)

Every rank in this power adds 1d6 damage to your Natural Weapons. You can take this enhancement multiple times. Each time, it adds 1d6 damage, to a maximum of 10d6 each (i.e., 9 ranks).


Enhancement: Ranged Natural Weapons
Cost: 2CP per rank

You can now use your Natural Weapons as ranged weapons. This can mean that you grow them from your flesh and then throw them, or that they actually launch from your hands, mouth, head, etc. In any case, they behave like thrown weapons. For every rank in this power, your Natural Weapons get a range increment of 20′. You can take this enhancement up to 3 times.


Enhancement: Retractable Natural Weapon
Cost: 2CP

You can retract your Natural Weapons and completely hide them from view. This allows you to pass as unarmed to the naked eye.



Limitation: Single Natural Weapon
Value: +1CP

Your character has a single natural weapon rather than a matched pair. This can be anything from a tail stinger to a single horn.

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