Mystic Spellcasting [power]

Cost: 8CP per rank (spell level)
Prerequisite: Mystic Origin, Wisdom 10
Activate: 2PPs per spell level; use-activated (spell-casting)
Save: as spell

This power grants you the ability to cast mystic spells. Every rank in this power grants two things: a) access to one level of spells off the mystic spell lists, and b) you learn and can cast 5 spells off of that list. The base power allows you to learn and cast all of the cantrips/orisons (0-level spells), and each subsequent rank in the power grants 5 spells off the next level of spells. The origin is always mystical. Your origin, or one of your origins, must be mystical for you to take this power.

You must spend 30 minutes a day preparing your mind and soul for the act of spell-casting for the next 24 hours, and this time is above and beyond your body’s normal ability to regenerate power points. You can pray, meditate, or study. It must be at a specific time of day, such as dawn, noon, or tea time.

You are subject to Arcane Spell Failure percentages for wearing armour while spell-casting, at a rate of 5% per +1 armour/shield bonus. Your spell-casting can be disrupted, as per standard rules. Casting spells does not by itself provoke attacks of opportunity, but standard attack-of-opportunity rules for powers still apply.

You must follow all spell component rules, including having a holy symbol for spells that call for them. Purchase DCs are not listed with most of the spells. Your GM will estimate a PDC based on the conversion tables in the SRDs, but only if the items are available for purchase. For example, Sleep calls for sand and Spider Climb calls for a spider. There’s no need to purchase such components. However, Instant Identify requires a pearl (PDC 12), which is unlikely to be sitting around the house.

Use your Wisdom to determine your spell’s saving throws and your maximum casting level. Mysticism in the modern world is an act of will, an intuitive understanding of forces that do not behave according to logic. To take the base version of this power, you need at least Wisdom 10 and the enhancements require even higher scores, but they follow a standard formula. Your Wisdom must equal the level of the spell + 10. Therefore, to cast a 7th-level spell requires an attribute of 17 or more.

Although you certainly have a spell book of some kind, it doesn’t need to be any particular shape. It can be large, musty books, or a collection of ancient scrolls, or even a collection of files on a hard drive. It’s not necessary to keep track of exactly what your “spell books” actually are but role-playing their particular form can be a lot of fun.

Finally, this power grants the ability to activate spell-trigger items like wands and staves. Your Caster Level is double your highest spell-casting level as granted by the power. If you can cast 5th-level spells, then your caster level is 10. Your caster level is not linked to your character level.


Enhancement: Increased Caster Level
Cost: 4CP per rank (one caster level)

For every rank in this enhancement, your Caster Level increases by 1. You can take a number of ranks in this enhancement equal to your CL. Its effect stacks.


Enhancement: Spell
Cost: 1CP per rank (one spell level)

This enhancement allows you to learn a new spell of your choosing. You can select any spell off of the Mystic spell-casting list. Spells cost 1CP per level, so Stoneskin would cost 4CP, for example, because it is 4th level.

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