Ms. Comet


(created by Randall “Rando” Donaldson)

Mixed-Class Sample Character


Full Name: Carol Moritz

Appearance: Carol is a tall, striking woman with a head of curly black hair and nearly olive-toned skin. Her brown eyes have been known to make grown men, and none too few women, weep. She stands proudly, feet planted and shoulders level. She is covered in muscles from neck to ankles, although she hides it well with creative tailoring.  Ms. Comet wears a red-and-yellow costume with a flaming comet on the chest, and when Carol invokes any of her powers, her hair turns bright red and her body becomes engulfed in a very small aura of flame which radiates a small amount of heat, but not enough to do damage.

Personality/History: Carol Moritz was born in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the daughter of progressive Jewish parents who had a life-long in social justice. Upon graduation from Yeshiva University, she became a career and academic councillor. After a series of brief positions at various universities, she found herself in Honolulu, counselling students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

On a hike near a dormant vulcano, Carol slid into a lava outlet and found herself trapped in the heart of the ancient mountain. She followed the only path available to her, which only lead her deeper into the vulcano. After a whole day of following the caverns, she found a chamber deep underground.  The chamber glowed with a dull blue light. With nowhere else to go, she pushed on but soon passed out from exhaustion.  When Carol woke up, she felt not only refreshed but invigorated.  She kept moving until she came to a point from which she could see daylight a hundred feet above her. Frustrated, she reached for the light only to find herself floating upward toward it. She flew into the air above the vulcano and found she could control her ascent and descent with a thought. Over the next few weeks, Carol discovered that the mysterious radiation had also toughened her body, making her strong and tough, and even able to survive without oxygen and in the vacuum of space.

Location: The Big Island, Hawaii, USA

Power Theme: Ms. Comet’s powers are heat-based, despite the fact that comets are balls of frozen gas. The radiation caused her body to absorb some of the Earth’s volcanic heat, which she can release upon command (Energy Attack). It also made her body strong and her mind keen, a combination which also made her inhumanly charismatic.

Combat/Tactics: Ms. Comet always works, first, to clear any endangered bystanders from an area, often carrying them to safety in her arms, on her back, or in a convenient vehicle which she can fly to safety. She does not consciously prioritise; it is simply part of her personality that she gives aid before attacking a perceived villain. When attacking a villain is the quickest way to solve a problem, however, she leaps into action, first using her Comet Collision (Iconic Attack) against the most powerful opponent, and then slugging it out with anyone left standing.


Class Charming 2 / Strong 4 / Champion 6
Species Human
Ethnicity Jewish
Nationality American
ECL 12 (12 levels + 121CPs)
Hit Dice 2d6 Charming / 4d8 Strong / 6d12 Champion (106HPs)
Mass. Damage 50 HPs
Initiative 2
Speed 30 ft.
Defence  22 +8* (Dex +2, Class +6, Amazing Defence  +4, *Bombastic Aura +8)
Touch: 22, Flat-Footed: 20, DR 5/super
Knockback 29
Base Attack +11/+6/+1
Mêlée: +21/+16/+11, Ranged: +13/+8/+3
Unarmed Strike +23/+18/+13 (1d8 +10 NL)
Energy Attack +22/+17/+12 (6d6 +1 cold)
Special Attacks Iconic Attack “Comet Collision” (charge +4)
Ability Scores Str 30 +10, Dex 14 +2, Con 14 +2, Int 16 +3, Wis 14 +2, Cha 26 +8
Natural: Str 18, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 16
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance Social Justice
Saves  Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +8
Action Points 12
Reputation 8
Occupation Academic (Comp, Kn [bus, civics])
Skills 132
  Bluff +17 (rnk 7), Cr: Chemical +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Cr:  Electronic +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Cr: Mechanical +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Cr: Pharmaceutical +3 (research +2) (rnk  0), Cr: Structural +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Cr: Visual Art +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Cr: Writing +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Diplomacy +29 (rnk 15), Disguise +10 (rnk 0), Gather Info +29 (rnk 15), Intimidate +25 (rnk 15), Kn: Art +3 (research +2) (rnk  0), Kn: Behavioural Sciences +10 (research +2) (rnk 7), Kn:  Business +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Kn: Civics +10 (research  +2) (rnk 7), Kn: Current Events +10 (research +2) (rnk  7), Kn: Earth/Life Sciences +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Kn:  History +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Kn: Physical Sciences +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Kn: Popular Culture +3 (research +2) (rnk  0), Kn: Tactics +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Kn: Technology +3 (research +2) (rnk 0), Kn: Theology/Philosophy +10 (research  +2) (rnk 7), Observe +17 (rnk 15), Repair +3 (research  +2) (rnk 0), Research +10 (rnk 7), Sense Motive +17 (rnk 15), Treat Injury +17 (rnk 15),
Languages English, Hebrew, Arabic
Feats Windfall x2, Skill Aptitude (Diplomacy), Brawl (Improved), Iron Will, Point-Blank Shot, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Energy Attack)
Proficiencies Weapons (mêlée), Shields, Armour, Firearms
Power Die 2d6 Charismatic / 4d6 Strong /
6d6 Champion (78PPs)
Origin Cosmic
Powers 131cp
Ability Enhancement  Strength +12, Dexterity +4, Intelligence +4, Wisdom +4, Charisma +10 68cp
Amazing Defence rnk 4 Defence enh +4 4cp
Damage Reduction rnk 6 12cp
Energy Attack Ranged, 50 ft., 6d6, heat (lava blast)  12cp
Flight Flight Skill rnk 1, Good, Flight Speed rnk 4, 120 ft., Cruising Speed rnk 2, 360 ft., Vacuum Flight 25cp
Mighty Lifting rnk 3 6cp
Need Not Breathe 4cp
Special Abilities
Talents Coordinate, Ignore Hardness (Improved)
Class Features Swaggering Bravado, Iconic Attack +4 (Comet Collision), Chutzpah! +2, Iconic Presence +2, Bombastic Aura I, Bonus Feat
Wealth +18
Field Commander rnk 2 6cp
Windfall rnk 2 4cp
Bizarre Area Effect rnk 2 (fire aura) +4cp
Hero’s Code Loyalty, Mercy +6cp
Monologuer rnk 2 +6cp
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