Moral Authority

[Tongue-In-Cheek] [Verbal]

You can deliver a hell of a homily.

Prerequisite: Charisma 13, Allegiance to an institution/philosophy with a moral tone (e.g., government, religion, political party, etc.)

Benefit: If you can convincingly explain to a villain what their moral failings are, the ethical conundrum in their minds can imbue a -4 Bogus penalty to all their rolls for 1d4+1 rounds (in combat) or 1d4+1 minutes (out of combat). You can invoke this feat only once per session. In combat, you must expend a standard action to deliver your heroic message of goodness, fiscal responsibility, personal hygiene, or whatever.

For example : The evil Apocalypso has cornered Constable Courage on a narrow catwalk. “Now I will beat you to within an inch of your life!” the madman cackles as he advances with fists raised.

“Not likely,” the good Constable responds, “clearly, my strict, Royal Canadian Mounted Police regimen of callisthenics and restrained eating habits give me a physical advantage over a reckless and unhealthy miscreant such as yourself. After all, your henchmen raided the Tasty Loins Pork Processing Plant last week solely to indulge your late-night craving for bacon!”

[They roll an opposed test, Apocalypso loses.]

“Blast!” cries Apocalypso, as he is filled with self-doubt. Clearly, the Constable is correct. He is getting a little wide around the middle.

“Let this be a lesson in the virtues of physical fitness!” cries the Constable, as he beats Apocalypso into unconsciousness.

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