Value: 3CP per rank

You can’t help but make a little speech whenever you’re about to do something important, even in combat. “Something important” includes, but is not limited to: starting combat (every time); activating a device or machine that would, in theory, end a fight or accomplish your over-all goals (i.e., a “master plan”); or delivering what looks to be the final blow to an almost subdued opponent. When this happens, you must make a Wisdom check or spend one Standard action monologuing about the situation you’re in. For the purposes of role-play, it’s best if you actually make a little speech (and that is half the fun of this comp, isn’t it?).

The most common form of monologuing is when you explain, in dramatic detail, exactly what you’re doing and why, which often gives your enemies just enough time to stop you. Other options include: gloating about how they couldn’t possibly stop your plans from completion (once you push this button right here) or telling them how their many mental deficiencies have kept them from stopping you (until now).

GMs have final say as to what triggers a monologue, and they are perfectly within their rights to trigger one outside of combat as well, but it is ultimately up to you to voluntarily make monologuing checks. If you or the GM determine that you should have made a check but didn’t, you automatically fail the next one.

This comp is obviously most common among villains, specifically Masterminds, but Champions are also prone to stopping in mid-fight to preach to the enemy about the virtues of ethical behaviour or physical fitness, and more playful heroes might think it’s worth the time spent to sling clever insults at the bad guys.

NB: This Comp requires some vigilance, and therefore attention and energy, on the part of your GM. Ask him or her before taking the Comp.

  • Rank 1 (3CP): Wisdom DC 15
  • Rank 2 (6CP): Wisdom DC 20
  • Rank 3 (9CP): Wisdom DC 25
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