Mole People

Mole People usually live in vast, mobile kingdoms that roam just below the surface of the modern world. They are not actually related to moles, but their small stature, dim eyesight, and natural burrowing abilities make the comparison obvious (the little, twitchy noses don’t help either). They rarely call themselves “mole people,” of course (their name for themselves in their language usually just means “the people”), but surface dwellers do and the name usually sticks.

Type: Humanoid.

Physical Description: Mole People are shorter than humans (4’6″ or less), have long sharp claws that they use for burrowing, and usually fairly long, almost snout-like faces. Their eyes sparkle black and their shuffling gate reveals that they’re more accustomed to digging and tunnelling than walking.

Size: Small.

Height/Weight: Mole People are slightly shorter than the average human, but seem much more so because they hunch. They are about the same weight.

Speed: 20 ft., 10 ft. (burrow).

Starting Occupation: Mole People who are from a community of Mole People will have an equivalent occupation from that community. Their Wealth is based on currency and objects of trade from that community, however, so their Occupation’s Wealth Bonus is halved at character creation.

Burrow: Mole People can burrow through earth at a speed of 10 feet per round. They can also claw through concrete far more slowly; their claws do double damage against concrete or other soft stone.

Super Senses (Darkvision): Base Power

Mole People can see 60 feet in total darkness. Living underground means that Mole people function in nearly total darkness most of the time, although they do have artificial light sources. Mole People see only in black and white. Colour variation is simply lost on them.

Light Sensitivity: Full, surface-world daylight is practically blinding to Mole People. Without custom-made eye protection (Purchase DC 5), they are effectively blind in any light brighter than a night with the moon out.

Natural Weapons: two claws (1d6/1d6)

Feats: Environmental Combat Speciality (underground).

Level Adjustment: +1

CP Cost: 10CP

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