Modifying Vehicles



The three Vehicle Templates―Luxury, Economy, and High-Performance―represent different models of the Generic Vehicles but tweaked for comfort, price, and speed, respectively. You apply Vehicle Template modifiers at the time of purchasing the vehicle, including adjusting the price up or down. You cannot apply them to a vehicle that you already own.

Luxury cars are high on creature comforts and design, including a jaw-droppingly beautiful chassis and increased smoothness (i.e., handling). They have more HPs because they are just that much better designed; they can take damage and keep functioning.

Economy cars are, in essence, the opposite of luxury cars. They’re less comfortable, less pleasing to look at and drive. They’re also not as responsive and fast, and they’re that much more likely to break down. However, they’re cheaper, which is why they thrive in the marketplace.

High-Performance vehicles are built for speed and handling at the cost of being just a little more delicate and not having anywhere near the storage space as a standard vehicle. It’s possible to have any vehicle as a High-Performance model, but it’s most common with Coupes. High-Performance Coupes are often just called “sports cars.”


Vehicle Options

Options are like templates in that you must buy them with the vehicle, but they stack with templates. Many options are specific to certain models on Generic Vehicles table.

Convertible, Rag-Top (Cars): These vehicles have a retractable roof made of canvas or another soft, cloth-like covering. They have glass windows on the front and sides, but usually a plastic rear window. It takes one person approximately 2 minutes to take down or put up the roof, or half that time with two people. Rag-Tops offer less protection than vehicles with roofs, and although they do not actually take a penalty to their over-all Hardness, the roof is made of cloth, so anyone with a knife and lack of ethics can break into one.

Convertible, Hardtop (Cars): These vehicles have a retractable roof made of hardened plastic or light metal. They have glass windows on the front and sides, but usually a light, plastic rear window. It takes one person approximately 2 minutes to take down or put up the roof, or half that time with two people.

Convertible, Motorized (Cars): These convertibles are equipped with motors that can raise or lower the roof―either Rag-Tops or Hardtops―automatically at the push of a button. The process takes 30 seconds when the car is still or moving at city speeds. At highway speeds, the wind sheer makes a motorized conversion impossible. You can combine this Option with either a Rag-Top or a Hardtop.

Electrical Engine: These vehicles have an electrical engine instead of a gas-powered engine. They have lower top speeds but a lot of pickup, and they don’t require gas. Instead, they can be plugged in to recharge. For game purposes, after a day of driving, electric vehicles need to be plugged in overnight. Despite having no bonus to Manoeuvrability, Electrical Engines get a +2 to Initiative.

Extended Cab (Trucks): These trucks have an extra set of two seats in the cab and thus, also, a longer cab that takes up some of the space that would normally comprise the bed of the truck.

Extended Bed (Trucks): These trucks have extra Cargo space in their beds.

Extra Bench  (Wagons): These Wagons have an extra bench of seats instead of their extended cargo space. These seats are permanently affixed. This option is free.

Four-Door  (Compact/Subcompact): These cars have four doors instead of two.

Hatchback (Cars): These cars have a single, vertical door at the back of a vehicle, which increases its Cargo space by 25%. Wagons already come with a rear door, so you cannot apply this Option to them.

Removable Seats (Wagons, Minivans, and Cube Vans): These vehicles have sets of rear seats that you can remove in order to create more storage space in the vehicle. Two people can remove one bench of seats (three seats total) in one minute. one person can do the same job in three minutes. Storing the bench is a separate job. You can install two sets of Removable Seats in a Minivan or Cube Van, but only one in a Wagon.

Templates and Options

Templates Pass Cargo Size Doors Man Speed* Def. Hard HPs PDC
Luxury +2 +25% +4
Economy -2 -20% -25% -8
High-Performance -50% +4 +20% -30% +4
Convertible, Rag-Top -2 +1
Convertible, Hardtop +2
Convertible, Motorized +1
Electrical Engine * -10% +4
Extended Cab (trucks only) +2 +25% +4
Extended Bed (trucks only) +25% +2
Extra Bench +3 -90% +0
Four-Door +2 +2
Hatchback +1 +1
Removable Seats -3 +50% +2


Vehicle Mods are things that you can add to vehicles after you purchase them. You buy them piecemeal, so they’re more expensive than Vehicle Templates, but you can get only those modifications that you want, and you can usually get bigger bonuses. All modifiers granted by Vehicle Mods are Equipment bonuses/penalties.

The PDCs listed for Mods represent purchasing both the hardware and the labour; you pay a mechanic, and your vehicle in the shop for anywhere from a day to a week (as determined by the GM). You then get it back with the Mod installed. You can, however, go the Do It Yourself route and install the hardware yourself. The PDC is cheaper by 2, but you need a Huge Mechanical Repair Kit (PDC 20), and you must make a repair check (DC 15 + the DIY price of the Mod). The installation takes a number of hours equal the DIY price. You can Take 10 or Take 20 on the Repair check.

Trunk: These mods increase both the maximum weight that a vehicle can carry, in cargo, but also the size of the space.

Dual Side Doors: Just like it sounds, this mod adds an additional sliding door to the driver’s side of a van.

Handling: These mods enhance the vehicle’s Manoeuvrability.

Lowered Suspension: This mod lowers the vehicle, bringing it closer to the ground, which aids in handling and improves aerodynamics slightly. However, it also increases the risk of bottoming out or damaging the undercarriage with debris or speed bumps.

The vehicle gains +1 manoeuvre to any check to prevent the vehicle from rolling. It also increases the speed of the vehicle by 1 square at highway speeds. However, on jump any stunt, the vehicle takes 1d4 points of damage for every 10 feet you clear, and this damage bypasses the vehicle’s hardness. Furthermore, damage from debris or other hazards deals an extra 1d6 points of damage. Finally, the vehicle suffers manoeuvre -1 on unpaved surfaces.

Hardened: This mod increase the vehicle’s Hardness. You can apply this mod up to three times. Its effects stack.

Body Armour: These mods grant increases to the Defence rating of the vehicle, but they also apply a Drive check penalty, just like armour for your body applies an equipment penalty.

Engine Speed: These mods increase the vehicle’s Speed.

Robust Components: This mod adds HPs to the vehicle. It represents better, over-all engineering in a vehicle that means that it can take a beating and still function. You can take this mod up to 5 times. Its effects stack.

Snow Tires: These tires, a set of four, increases your Manoeuvrability, but only in snowy/icy conditions. Outside of those conditions, they apply a penalty.

Off-Road Tires: These tires, a set of four, increases your Manoeuvrability, but only when you drive off-road. On pavement, they apply a penalty.

Fat Tires: These tires, a set of four, are wider than normal and made of slightly softer rubber so that they stick to the road. They offer better handling on paved roads, but on any unpaved surface, they apply a penalty.

Separators: These are solid barriers, either plexiglass or steel bars, that separate the front seats of a car or van from the back seats or storage area. They are a common accessory for police patrol cars and taxies that operate in dangerous areas.


Option Modifier* Retail Repair Notes
Big Trunk Cargo +25% 11 16
Bigger Trunk Cargo +50% 12 17
Dual Side Doors Doors +1 14 19 on driver’s side
Good Handling Man +1 11 16
Better Handling Man +2 12 17
Best Handling Man +4 14 19
Fast Engine Speed +10% 11 16
Faster Engine Speed +20% 12 17
Fastest Engine Speed +30% 14 19 Weight +10%
Lowered Suspension Drive +1 13 17 see text
Hardened Hardness +3 12 17 Manoeuvrability -1
Body Armour: Home Made Defence +1 12 16 Drive -4
Body Armour: Professional Defence +1 13 18 Drive -2
Robust Components HPs +5 12 17 Manoeuvrability -1
Snow Tires Man +2 / -2 11 16 snow/ice bonus
Off-Road Tires Man +2 / -2 11 16 off-road bonus
Fat Tires Man +1 / -1 10 14 on-road bonus
Separator, Plexiglass 11 16 plastic barrier
Separator, Steel 12 DC 16 steel barrier

*Round modified speeds to the nearest whole number.

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