Modifying Generic Firearms

You can also modify your guns, having them customised, doing it yourself, or just buying superior quality.

Ammo Capacity: For Internal and Cylinder weapons, you can increase the number of bullets that they normally carry. Most of the time, this means you simply happen to have purchased a weapon that has more chambers in the barrel―many revolvers have more than six chambers―although you could, conceivably, machine new parts for yourself just for the hell of it. Either way, pay PDC +1 to increase the number of bullets by 50% (which also increases weight by 25%), or PDC +2 to increase capacity by 100% (and weight by 50%). Doubling the ammo capacity is the max.

For Clip ammo, you can simply buy a larger clip off Table 7-7, but if high-capacity mags aren’t good enough, you can, with your GM’s explicit permission, buy rarer mags that take even more bullets. Start with the ammo capacity on Table 7-6. For PDC +1, increase its capacity by 100% (i.e., double it). At three times the standard capacity, the mag imposes an Equipment Penalty -2 because it’s so long that it gets tangled in clothing, strapping, and potentially even your own limbs.

Fully Automatic: This upgrade changes a semiautomatic weapon into a fully automatic weapon. You can apply this upgrade to any weapon for which the equivalent does not already exists (i.e., a fully automatic rifle is called a “submachine gun” or an “assault rifle”).

Higher Calibre: It’s theoretically possible to load “E” ammo into a derringer. You just have to modify the derringer. For PDC +3, you can increase the size of the bullets a weapon can fire by one letter. For example, you could alter a Revolver so that it fires D-type rounds (2d10) instead of C-type (2d8). If your GM permits, and she is under no obligation to do so, you can step the damage up more than one ammo type for PDC +3 per step, but this gets a little silly very quickly.

Increased Range: You can increase the range of your firearm, usually by having the barrel elongated slightly, but any flavour text you like will do. Pay PDC +1 to increase the weapon’s Range Increment by 25% (rounded down to the nearest 10 feet). The maximum Range Increment for a handgun is 60 ft.. The maximum Range Increment for a longarm is 150 ft..

Mastercraft: These weapons gain Mastercraft bonuses, either an attack +1 (Mastercraft), or a combined attack/damage +1 (Improved). For Awesome or Supreme Mastercraft, you have to make in-game contact with someone who has the skills to do such work.

Modifying Generic Firearms

Modification Benefit PDC Increase
Ammo Capacity I 50% increase +1
Ammo Capacity II 100% increase +2
Fully Automatic full-auto fire +3
Higher Calibre one extra die +1
Increased Range 25% +1
Mastercraft attack +1 +2
Improved Mastercraft hit/damage +1 +4
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