Cost: 2CP per rank

For every rank in this power, you get one Minion. Minions are low-level, quasi-loyal followers who do your bidding. They can have a variety of uses. Minions can, for example, do bank runs, perform mundane labour, answer phones, relay information, act as spies, or even parley with the enemy. Minions are as loyal to you as someone would be to a paying job, but no more so. They will not sacrifice their safety for you. They are not believers in your mission. They succumb easily to intimidation or bribery. Their first choice is always to remove themselves from a situation rather than choose sides based on risk or reward.

If a Minion dies or leaves then they’re gone for the rest of that gaming session. By the beginning of the next session, you have replaced your Minion.

Minions do not have any combat abilities. They surrender or flee at the first sign of violence. They have no feats or proficiencies, and certainly no powers. They don’t even have a BAB. They can theoretically do anything that a PC can if it requires no training or special skills, but they are utterly unable to function in combat. They just cower or run away. You can find stats for Minions in the NPCs section of Chapter 10: Heroes and Villains.


Enhancement: Skilled Minion

Cost: 1CP

This enhancement grants a single Minion a Competence bonus +4 to a single skill of your choice. The skill in question can be either Trained Only or Untrained. Minions can Take 10 or Take 20. In dangerous situations, they tend to drop what they’re doing and run away rather than attempt to complete their task. This Competence bonus does not stack with itself, of course, so if you take this enhancement multiple times, it must apply to different skills or to a different Minion.

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