You can create mastercraft equipment.

Prerequisite: Intelligence 13, Craft (subtype) 5 ranks

Benefit: You can make mastercraft equipment from scratch. You must apply this feat to one of the Craft subtypes, below:

  • Chemical : explosives, corrosives, and reactants
  • Electronic: anything with electronic or electrical components, from computers to lamps
  • Mechanical: anything with moving parts, including firearms and vehicles, and any solid object that needs to be machined, like car parts or mêlée weapons.
  • Pharmaceutical: drugs (legal or otherwise) and naturopathic remedies
  • Structural: buildings, bridges, and the like


Different kinds of mastercraft items gain different bonuses: 

  • +1 to relevant skill
  • Weapons : +1 to attack
  • Protective Gear : +1 Max Dex and Equipment Penalty


“Protective Gear” includes modern items as well as archaic armour and shields. A +1 to an item’s Equipment Penalty lowers the penalty (e.g., Max Dex -4 becomes Max Dex -3).

A Craft, or Repair check (DC 10) allows someone to detect mastercraft quality after cursory inspection (a move action to visually inspect the item will do), but most of the time mastercraft quality is visible at a glance. The item’s parts fit better and move more smoothly when manipulated. It doesn’t rattle or creak when handled. The grips are comfortable in the hand. It generally feels more solid and more reliable.

It takes twice as long to build mastercraft equipment than it would to build the same ordinary item.

The PDC for the raw materials to make a mastercraft item equals the normal PDC to build it + 1 (see the Craft skill). To upgrade an ordinary item to mastercraft, the PDC for the materials equals half the PDC to build the item.

The Craft DC to make mastercraft equipment equals the normal DC to make that item + 3. You must have Craft in the appropriate subtype for the item you’re building. The GM makes this roll for you. If you succeed, you have built the device. If you fail, then you just couldn’t get it to work. If you fail by more than 10, the device tests fine in the lab, but in the field it falls apart, shoots sparks, or otherwise refuses to function.

Not all items are sturdy enough to even be mastercraft. A mastercraft T-shirt, for example, wouldn’t be significantly different than a normal T-shirt. The GM will make a final call on whether an item can be mastercraft at all.

You can take this feat multiple times. Each time, it applies to a new subtype of the Craft skill.

Special: You can buy a Mastercraft item for PDC +2. Such items are readily available at retail stores.

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