Liquid Form [power]


Cost: 12CP
Activate: 1PP; move action
Sustain: per round/hour; free action
Range: self

You can turn your body into a translucent liquid substance. Any equipment you wear or carry falls to the floor when you shift to Liquid Form. Returning to your normal form is a move action.

While in Liquid Form, you take only half normal damage from physical attacks, after applying DR and all other relevant resistances. Fire/Heat based energy attacks do double damage, as do Ice/Cold based attacks. Again, apply damage after DR. Other attacks deal damage normally. You are considered unarmed in liquid form, but can otherwise fight normally using unarmed strikes. You cannot grapple or be grappled in Liquid Form. Your saves, ability scores and other traits are unaffected. You cannot speak, or use spells while in liquid form, nor do you benefit from Natural Weapons.

While in Liquid Form, your body has all the flexibility and malleability of a liquid. You can easily flow under a door or through a crack, as well as pass through grates and fences. You cannot pass through impermeable surfaces, however. You move at your normal movement rate.

You still have the full benefit of any powers you might have, including those that improve Defence or DR, in Liquid Form. You also cannot be blinded or deafened. You still require oxygen (assuming you breathe), but you can absorb it from the atmosphere, or even from water if you are submerged in it. You will still asphyxiate in an area without oxygen (such as space), or by being drowned in a liquid that contains no oxygen.

If you use this power to hide within a larger pool of liquid, you get a +20 to your Stealth check.


Enhancement: Liquid Equipment
Cost: 2CP

Your equipment shifts into liquid form along with you. You cannot use any equipment in liquid form, though. Liquid armour offers no protection. Your equipment returns to normal when you do.


Enhancement: Swift-Action Shift
Cost: 2CP

You can now shift forms as a swift action.


Enhancement: Reflexive Shift
Cost: 3CP
Prerequisite: Swift Action Shift
Activate: 1PP; swift-action

If you retain your Dexterity bonus and are hit for physical damage (either by an attack or something that triggers a saving  throw), you can make a Reflex save to instantly shift into, or out of, Liquid Form a split second before the damage occurs. In the case of most physical attacks, being in Liquid Form means you take half damage. If you are in Liquid Form and are hit by a heat- or cold-based attack, shifting into solid form avoids the double damage that those attacks normally do when you’re in Liquid Form. The DC of the Reflex save equals either half the attack roll or the save DC of the in-coming effect, -5. You must declare your intention to invoke this enhancement after the hit is announced but before full damage is calculated.


Enhancement: Reduced Power Drain
Cost: 2CP

The activation cost to shift into Liquid Form is reduced by 1PP. You can take this Enhancement twice. This enhancement has no effect on the sustained cost.


Limitation: Naturally Liquid
Value: 2CP

Your natural state is your liquid  form, and you have to expend PPs to make yourself solid. All other rules of the power apply as normal.


Limitation:  Stuck Liquid
Value: 6CP

You cannot render yourself liquid at all; clothing, equipment, and other objects no longer become liquid when you carry them.

Special: You can “buy off” this limitation for 8CPs.

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