Value: 1CP per rank

Your suffer dizziness and frequent bouts of unconsciousness when seriously injured. Any time you take 10 or more HPs of damage from any single source (including an attack, an accident, or the results of a failed saving throw) there is a 10% chance that you become stunned for 1d4 rounds. For every rank you take in this Comp, the chance of becoming stunned increases by 10%. You can take up to 6 ranks of this Comp (60%).

Additional Comps

Additional Comp:  Lights Out

Value:  1CP per rank in Light-Headed

Rather than being stunned by more than 10 or more HPs of damage, you fall unconscious for 1d4 rounds. The value of this Comp is keyed to the number of ranks you have in Light-Headed. If you have 5 ranks in Light-Headed, this Additional Comp is worth 5CPs.

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