Life Leech [power]


Cost: 3CP per rank (1d6 of Leeching)
Activate: 2PPs per d6 (By CL); use-activated (touch attack)
Range: touch
Save: Fortitude (negates), Constitution-based

For every rank in this power, you can potentially Leech 1d6 HPs from one target and absorb half of those HPs into yourself. You can Leech one specific Creature Type: humanoid, undead, or mechanoid (player’s choice). To perform a Life Leech attack, you must make a touch attack against your target. If you succeed, you do negative-energy damage to the target and convert it into positive energy that you channel into yourself.

You cannot score a critical hit with a Life Leech attack. You must expend PPs whether you hit or not. You cannot combine this power with an Unarmed Strike. You lose any HPs that you Leech that exceed your current HP capacity. You can take up to 10 ranks in the power.

The By-CL cost of Life Leech is different than the standard because when you use it, you’re both doing damage and healing yourself. Therefore,  you can activate the power for a number of  dice equal to one-quarter (¼) your CL for free. Basically, 1d6 for every four levels, so 1d6 from 1st to 4th level, 2d6 from 5th to 8th, 3d6 at 9th to 12th, etc. Note that this is just your “by-CL” amount, not your maximum allowed.


Enhancement: Efficient Leech
Cost: 3CP

You now gain 1HP for every HP you Leech from a target.


Enhancement: Extra Hit Points
Cost: 3CP

If the number of hit points you Leech from a target exceeds your maximum hit points, you now retain them temporarily. You lose extra hit points at a rate of 1 per round until you reach your normal maximum. If you take damage, that damage counts toward your extra hit points first.

Remember that NL renders you staggered or unconscious only when it equals your current HPs. Therefore, if you have extra HPs, above your normal maximum, then you can conceivably have NL that also exceeds that maximum. In that case, as your extra hit points fade, you would eventually become staggered for one round and then fall unconscious on your next round, unless someone or something healed you in the intervening time.


Enhancement: Retain Hit Points
Cost: 1CP
Prerequisite: Extra Hit Points

When you have extra hit points, you lose them at a rate of 1HP every second round.


Enhancement: Constitution Leech
Cost: 3CP per 1d4 Constitution damage

For every rank in this enhancement, you cause 1d4 temporary ability point damage to Constitution instead of Leeching HPs. For every 1d4 Constitution points, you gain a flat 5HPs. You can take this enhancement up to 5 times.


Enhancement: Additional Creature Type
Cost: 3CP

You can Leech the hit points of one additional creature type. You can take this enhancement multiple times. Each time, it applies to a new creature type.


Enhancement: Ranged Use
Cost: 4CP

You can Leech at a distance, using a ranged touch attack. The power now has an effective range increment of 20 feet.



Limitation: Grappling Leech
Value: 3CP

You can Leech HPs from targets only when you’ve successfully grappled them. All other rules apply normally: you must still hit with a touch attack once you’ve grappled the target, and that attack takes a -4 penalty (because you’re in a grapple). Why you might need to grapple to Leech is up to you, but one extremely common explanation is that you need to bite the target on the neck (hint hint). You cannot take this limitation if you have the Ranged Use enhancement.

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