Law-Enforcement Powers


Cost: 2CP per rank

Your character has been deputized by a legitimate law enforcement agency, and as a result has both the legal authority and the legal responsibilities of a sworn officer of the law.

Rank 1 (2CP): Local Law Enforcement. You the power to arrest, detain, search, and use reasonable force equivalent to a local police officer. You also have all of the attendant professional and legal responsibilities of such a position, including reporting to superior officers and filing paperwork. You do not have to be an actual cop, but your powers and responsibilities will be equivalent to one. If you follow the rules, Legal Enforcement Powers can be very useful. If you ignore the rules, they will be stripped from you quite quickly.

Rank 2 (4CP): National Law Enforcement. As above, but your legal powers are granted by your nation, making an entire country your jurisdiction.

Rank 3 (6CP): International Law Enforcement. As above, but your powers are granted by an international organisation, like INTERPOL, or through a treaty or other agreement between nations. This type of Law-Enforcement Power does not apply to the whole globe but instead a specific group of nations, like the European Union, NAFTA (US, Canada, Mexico), OPEC, or another such group of friendly countries. You can invent such a group, if you wish, but within reason. Your GM retains the right to say that Ireland, Pakistan, and Berkina Faso, for example, simply have no reason to have a treaty with each other.

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