Cost: 2 CP per rank

You have a hidden base of operations―a head quarters, a cave, a secret chamber―where you are safe from the prying eyes of the public. The entrance to this lair might be a secret passage from your public residence, or it might be a hidden entrance connected to the city’s sewer network or a subway tunnel. The exact details are up to you. In any case, the entrance to your Lair is hidden; only a Spot (DC 30) or Search (DC 20) can detect it. If you have an Archive or a Laboratory, it is most likely located in your Lair, but it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to be.

Rank 1 (2 CP): Room. Your lair is a small room, no more than 10-by-10 feet in which you could hide your costume and other, personal equipment (a walk-in closet, a basement, an attic, a garage, etc.). There is room for a map, a police-band scanner, a dedicated computer, or the like.

Rank 2 (4 CP): Suite. Your lair is a small suite complete with a bed and some basic furnishings. It is supplied such that you could spend up to a month in it without needing to go out. If you have a super vehicle, your Suite automatically has a drive-in entrance so that you can store it there. There is enough space that one or two allies could hide with you, if the needs demanded it, but you would get in each other’s way and on each other’s nerves within a couple of days.

Rank 3 (6 CP): Fortress. Your lair is large and comfortable. You and your team could remain there indefinitely if you needed to. It is stocked with first-aid and medical supplies as well as tools for fixing your equipment.


Enhancement: Defensible Lair
Cost: 2CP per rank

For every rank in this power, your Lair has 5CPs worth of Devices (weapons, gadgets, etc.) defending it. You can upgrade these defences any way you like using that 5CP. These defences automatically activate (target, shoot, affect) anyone who attempts to enter the Lair without your permission or the proper clearance (e.g., you’ve introduced them to your AI, you’ve given them a key, you’ve scanned their fingerprints into the system, etc.).

All automated defences have a BA of +0 and/or inspire Saves at DC 10. These Devices will not function if you remove them from their built-in positions, so you cannot use them to arm yourself or your team.

Your teammates or your Grunts, if you have any, can also take control of the automated defences and substitute their own Base Attack Bonuses in place of the computer’s, but they must have the appropriate proficiencies or else they take the standard penalty. Any weapon built into the defences that does not have any other set type is an “exotic” weapon for the sake of purchasing proficiencies.

If you also purchase the Sidekick ad at the same time that you take this enhancement, you can elect for your Sidekick to be a construct that acts as the central brain of your Lair. In addition to the Sidekick’s full compliment of abilities, it technopathically controls the Lair’s supertech defences if it is within 500 ft. of the Lair.


Enhancement: Isolated Location
Cost: 3 CP

Your hide-out is located 200 kilometres (120 miles) from any human settlement. It could be in the Arctic, the middle of a desert, on a remote island, or the like.

This enhancement is not compatible with Public Location or Professional Location (see below).


Enhancement: Professional Location
Cost: 2 CP
Prerequisites: Lair (2 ranks)

Your lair is in a building that you own. It could be a high-rise apartment, a store, a research facility, or any other public or professional building. Your Lair includes a business of some kind, a business directly related to your public persona. Thus, this enhancement grants a +2 Circumstance bonus to Profession.


Enhancement: Public Location
Cost: 1 CP
Prerequisites: Lair (2 ranks)

Your lair is not hidden. It is a location that is known to the public, and your association with the location is well known. Instead of a hidden entrance, you have a security system that requires a Disable Device check (DC 20) to bypass. This public location grants Reputation +2.

This enhancement is not compatible with Isolated Location, but can be taken together with Professional Location.

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