Cost: 4CP per mode

You either own or have access in perpetuity to a laboratory, workshop, or other such space in which you can build Items. Laboratories have three modes―mystical, psionic, and supertech―which correspond to the kind(s) of items you can build. A mystical lab contains basic texts on mystical enhancement, a wide floor area for drawing sigils and other symbols of power, and a large table with measuring, mixing, and cooking apparatus. A psionic meditation chamber is usually quite empty, with only a few mnemonic icons drawn on the walls, but the geometry of the room  is attuned to the deep hypnotic states required for creating and perfecting psionic items. Finally, a supertech workshop is usually a utilitarian space filled with spare parts, books on basic math and physics as well as highly specialised computers that aid in tuning and testing supertech devices. A Laboratory takes up a large room: bigger than a den, smaller than a dining hall. You can buy all three modes of this Ad, but they would be useful to you only if you could build all three types of Items.

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