Invent Gizmo


You can make multi-use, multi-power Supertech devices.

Prerequisite: Int 23, Supertech Invention (power), Invent Super Gear, Invent Doohicky, Invent Ray Gun

Benefit:  You can build a Gizmo with any powers that you can load into a device via Supertech Invention.

Inventing a Gizmo requires a Laboratory and fresh materials, the cost of which is PDC 21 + the CP cost of the power. You make any and all choices about the power’s effect at the time when you build it, including ranks, enhancement, limitations, energy or damage types, etc..

To actually build the device requires a Powercraft check. The DC is 10 + the total CP cost of the power you load into the Doohicky (DC = 10 + CP cost).

The build time of a Gizmo equals three times the CP cost of its power in hours.  Under emergency circumstances (i.e., during a game session), you can spend up to 16 hours a day building a Gizmo, but under normal circumstances (i.e., “down time” between games), you can work a maximum of 8 hours a day.

Within any given seven-day period, the number of devices you can build is limited by the total CP cost of the powers you load into them. That number cannot exceed your Constitution modifier times ten. For example, if you have Constitution 18 (+4), then you cannot make more than 40CPs worth of devices in one seven-day period.

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