Improved Mastercraft


You can create equipment of astoundingly high quality.

Prerequisite: Intelligence 15, Craft (subtype) 5 ranks, Mastercraft (subtype)

Benefit: Your Mastercraft items have a higher bonus, cost more, take more time to build, and are more difficult to make:

  • +2 to relevant skill
  • Weapons:  +1 to attack and damage
  • Protective Gear : +2 Max Dex and Equipment Penalty as well as +1 to defence
  • Build Time : x3
  • PDC : cost of item +2
  • Craft Check : normal +4

If you fail the Craft check for an Improved Mastercraft item, but you do make what would be the check for Mastercraft, then the item has only the regular Mastercraft bonus. Sometimes, your work just doesn’t turn out quite as well as you’d hoped.

You can take this feat multiple times. Each time, it applies to a Craft subtype to which you already applied Mastercraft.

Special: You can buy an Improved Mastercraft item for PDC +4. Such items are available at speciality stores, and thus, they double the shopping time required.

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