Iconic Item [item]


Discount: special
Activate: as power
Sustain: as power
Range: as power

An Iconic Item is an object that is the conduit for all of your powers. There is no limit to how many powers or how many CPs worth of powers you can load into a single Iconic Item. An Iconic Item can have only one Origin. The most common are mystical and supertech, but you can have any Origin you like. Iconic Items grant a discount on the price of powers you load into them. The discount is +1CP per 10CP worth of powers, which works out to approximately 10% (see table, above).

Other powers, including Gadgets and Power Armour, do not function while you have an Iconic Item on your person. Iconic Items are jealous. However, they are also loyal. Only you can access the powers loaded into your Iconic Item. It is tuned to your body chemistry, your unique mental signature, or even your very soul. You must have your Iconic Item in your hand in order to access its powers. If it is Wearable (see below), then you must be wearing it to use its powers.

Iconic Items  can potentially be lost or stolen and if that happens, you’ll just have to track yours down. They are, however, nigh indestructible by conventional means. Each one has 1,000 HPs, Hardness 100, Resistance 50 to all energy types, Resistance 50 to all Origins, and self-repairs at a rate of 5HPs per round.

Iconic Items  are, by default, hand-held objects (tiny-sized) that weigh about 3 pounds, so something the general size and shape of a baton or soft-ball, for example. They always appear unusual or mysterious in some way. They might be covered in glowing circuitry or constantly surrounded dancing sparks, for example. The specifics are up to you, but Iconic Items cannot appear mundane.


Iconic Item Discount
Total Cost of the Power Discount
10CP +1CP
11CP to 20CP +2CP
21CP to 30CP +3CP
31CP to 40CP +4CP
41CP to 50CP +5CP



Enhancement: Diminutive Item
Cost: 2CP

Your Iconic Item is diminutive-sized instead of tiny. It weighs 1 pound. It is the size of a cell phone, a pocket watch, or a conductor’s baton. You can slip it into a pocket. This enhancement is incompatible with Fine Item, Small Item, and Medium Item.


Enhancement: Fine Item
Cost: 4CP

Your Iconic Item is fine-sized instead of tiny. It weighs an ounce or two. It is the size of a large coin or a ball-point pen. You can palm one and still work a phone or drive. You can, depending on the shape, tuck it behind your ear. This enhancement is incompatible with Diminutive Item, Small Item, and Medium Item.


Enhancement: Weaponise
Cost: 1CP + Purchase DC of Weapon

This enhancement converts your Iconic Item into a functioning weapon of some kind, in addition to having powers. This enhancement requires that you spend both 1CP and that you purchase the mundane weapon that you want your Iconic Item to be. This is a conceit, of course. Your character does not have to actually buy the weapon, but this rule keeps you from sneaking a military-grade rocket-launcher into the game as a Weaponized Iconic Item. You are free, encouraged even, to thematically combine the weapon’s function and the Item‘s powers, thus making a phone with Telepathy or belt of Super Strength.


Enhancement: Wearable Item
Cost: 3CP

This enhancement converts your Iconic Item into a shape that allows you to wear it like clothing or jewellery. Wearable Items still appear special or unusual in some way. They might be covered in glowing circuitry, Mystical runes, or be made of a substance that is visibly Not Of This Earth. The specifics are, as always, up to you. Wearing an Iconic Item does not offer any Defence bonus or protection of any other kind unless that is part of its power package. Cuts, blows, and blasts will leave the Iconic Item untouched but still do damage to you.

  • Fine Items  are wearable as a watch or bangle, a large and bulky ring, a pair of glasses, a head band, or a light necklace.
  • Diminutive Items are wearable as a pair of gloves or shoes, a belt, a neck tie/scarf, or a hat.
  • Tiny Items are wearable as a single gauntlet or boot, a bulky belt, or a bike helmet.
  • Small Items are wearable as a heavy jacket, a motorcycle helmet (full-faced), a pair of heavy boots, or a pair of bulky gauntlets.



Limitation: Medium Item
Value: 2CP

Your Item is medium-sized instead of tiny. It weighs 25 pounds. It can be the shape of a large staff or a small filing cabinet.  It is unwieldy enough that you have to carry it in two hands. You can put it on your back, but it’s still bulky as all hell. This limitation is incompatible with Diminutive Item, Fine Item, and Small Item.


Limitation: Non-Exclusive Use
Value: 4CP

Your Iconic Item is no longer loyal to you. Other people can use it, if they get their hands on it, but they have to expend twice as many PPs to access its power(s). For anyone other than you, powers that do not normally have a PP cost, like traits, now have an Activation of “1PPs; per round.”


Limitation: Small Item
Value: 1CP

Your Iconic Item is small-sized instead of tiny. It weighs 12 pounds. It is about the size and shape of a walking stick, so a baseball bat, an umbrella, or a golf-club, for example. They can also be a more blocky shape, like a briefcase or laptop. This limitation is incompatible with Diminutive Item, Fine Item, and Medium Item.


Limitation: Symbiosis
Value: 3CP per rank

Your body is attuned to your Iconic Item so intimately that without it, you become weak and sickly. Whenever your Item is not in your possession (more than 5 ft. away from you), you take a -2 penalty, per rank in the enhancement, to either your physical or mental stats (player’s choice, permanent). If you had three ranks in the power, for example, you would take a -6 penalty. You can take this limitation up to 5 times, for a -10 penalty.

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