Hover [general]

You can fly in place, with some effort.

Prerequisite: ability to fly

Benefit: While you fly, you can halt your forward motion and hover in place as a move action. You can then fly in any direction, including straight down or straight up at half speed, regardless of your manoeuvrability.

If you begin your turn hovering, you can hover in place for the turn and take a full-round action. You cannot make wing attacks while you hover, but you can attack with all other limbs and appendages that you could use in a full attack. You can activate your powers, including spells and psi-powers.

If you have wings and are Large-sized, and you hover within 20 ft. of the ground in an area with loose debris, the draft creates a hemispherical cloud (radius 60 ft), and the wind you generate can put anything the size of a camp fire or smaller. Clear vision is limited to 10 ft.. Anyone in the cloud has concealment (20% miss chance) at 15 to 20 ft. At greater than 20 ft., they get total concealment (50% miss chance, opponents cannot use sight to locate them). Anyone caught in the cloud must succeed on a Concentration check (DC 10 + ½ creature’s HD) to cast a spell.

Normal: Without this feat, you must keep moving while you fly unless you have perfect manoeuvrability.

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