Hero’s Code

There are some things that you just won’t do (see below). In moments of drastic need, you can attempt to over-ride your Hero’s Code. The GM will set a DC for doing so (at least 20). However, if you go back to this well too often, the GM is perfectly within her rights to increase the Will save by large numbers. If you take this Comp, you have to play along.

This Comp is modular. You can take any or all of its Modes.


Mode: Fair Play

Value : 4CP

You refuse to flank in combat, shoot anyone in the back, take opponents unaware, or attack anyone lying prone. This comp is incompatible with the Dirty Fighter Feat and precludes you ever making Sneak Attacks.


Mode: Honesty

Value: 2CP

You may not place any ranks in Bluff or Gambling. You absolutely refuse to tell lies except in the most dire circumstances―even to “bad guys”―or to exaggerate, gamble, or lie on behalf of others. You can still conceal your non-adventuring identity or identities. That kind of lying just doesn’t count for superheroes. This Comp is incompatible with any Feat that improves your Bluff or the Gambling skill.


Mode: Law and Order

Value:  4CP

Even if you are a costumed vigilante, you have the utmost respect for the letter of the law and balk at pushing its boundaries too far. Your view yourself as a “forward element” of uniformed law enforcement and prefer to turn matters over to the legitimate authorities as soon as possible. You refuse to pick locks, break and enter, interrogate suspects without turning them over to the police first, commandeer vehicles or property from ordinary citizens, etc. Basically, if it involves anything more than patrolling and confronting criminals or villains engaged in obvious acts of mischief and mayhem, you can’t do it.


Mode: Loyalty

Value: 4CP

You are incapable of abandoning a friend or ally, even if it would make sense to do so, even in foolish or suicidal conditions. Come Hell or high water, you fight side-by-side with your friends and will die doing so if that’s what fate decrees. You are rarely the one that goes running for help.


Mode: Mercy

Value: 4CP

You do not kill, ever, even in the pursuit of the greater good. You cannot intentionally kill another person, nor allow another person to die when your actions could save them. Even an accidental death in which you’re involved will feel like your responsibility.


Mode: Extreme Mercy

Value: 4CP

In addition to Mercy, you have extreme difficulty dealing with the guilt caused by a death that you think you could have prevented. If you accidentally cause or fails to prevent a death (provided you realistically could have done so), you lose all of your Action Points as a reflection of your anguish.

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