Cost: 5CP per rank

For every rank in this Ad, you get one Grunt. Grunts are low-level fighters whom you have employed or convinced to fight for you. Their application is primarily combat, but they can perform other mundane tasks if called upon to do so. Grunts are loyal to a point. They are paid muscle, primarily, although a leader who treats them well might get more loyalty out of them (at the GM’s discretion). Individual Grunts will surrender or retreat when they reach ┬╝ of their HPs, and a squad or even an army of Grunts will eventually collectively retreat once a battle is well and truly lost. They do not fight to the death if they can avoid it, and they do not fight to the last if it’s an option.

If a Grunt dies or leaves┬áthen they’re gone for the rest of that gaming session. By the beginning of the next session after that, you have replaced that Grunt.

Grunts are first-level NPCs, either Martial Artists, Sidekicks, Sneaks, Soldiers, or Warriors (player’s choice). They do not get powersof any kind. You build your Grunt yourself, just as if you were building any 1stlevel character, with the following eptions: they do not get any CPs, and therefore cannot buy Ads/Comps, additional feats, or powers. They do start with the standard 2 feats, but they get no more unless you take the Feat enhancement (below). They get 32 points to spend on Table 1-2 Natural Score Costsrather than the 40 points that PCs and NPCs get. You can arrange those points to taste or use the following even spread: 10, 10, 12, 12, 16, .


Enhancement: Grunt Feat
Cost: 2CP per rank

For every rank in this enhancement, you can grant an additional feat to one of your Grunts. You can take this enhancement multiple times, either granting feats to multiple Grunts, or granting a single Grunt multiple feats. Note, however, that Grunts have to fulfil all of the same prerequisites that feats normally require, and they are only 1st-level NPCs with a limited range of stats.

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