Gremlinism [power]


Cost: 8CP
Activate: 1PP; standard action
Range: 60ft
Save: special (opposed test)

You have the uncanny ability to cause a mechanical or electronic device to go haywire just by looking at it. If you use this power on a relatively simple machine or device (something with moving parts, like a firearm or a bicycle, but which requires no power to operate) there is a chance the device jams (completely ceases to function). The object will remain jammed for 1d6 rounds. Ordinary maintenance and cleaning procedures¬† cannot make it functional again until the power’s duration has passed.

If you use this power on a more complex, powered device (such as a vehicle or a computer), you will afflict the device with a penalty to all actions requiring a die roll. This penalty affects both actions taken by the device itself and actions taken by anyone using the device. If you use Gremlinism on a moving vehicle, it will force an immediate Drive/Pilot check, with the negative Gremlinism modifier taken into account. This modifier will last for 1d3 rounds.

To use Gremlinism, you take a standard action, spend 1PP, target a single device and roll a Gremlinism check (1d20 + half your CL + Intelligence modifier). The device makes an opposed roll of 1d20. If it is exceptional (eg, mastercraft) and/or has any bonuses (it’s enhanced by a power), add its highest bonus to it’s opposed roll. Also, the sheer size of the device in question can add a circumstance penalty. Small (hand held) devices take no penalty, but every size category larger than small adds +2 to its Saving Throw. Thus, medium devices are +2, large +4, huge +6, and so on. If your roll is higher than the roll of a simple device, it becomes jammed. If it is equal or lower, the power fails. Against complex devices, you inflict a penalty equal to half the amount you exceed the device’s roll by. Thus if you roll 17 and the device rolls 13, you inflict a -2 penalty on the item.

Sentient machines add +10 to resist the effects of Gremlinism, though automatons do not.


Enhancement: Extended Duration
Cost: 3CP per die of duration

The duration of your Gremlinism is extended by an additional die (d6 or d3, as appropriate) for each rank in this enhancement. You can take this up to five times, for a maximum duration of 5d6 rounds (to jam simple items) or 5d3 rounds (complex devices).


Enhancement: Enhanced Jamming
Cost: 2CP per +2 to jamming

Each rank in this enhancement grants you a +2 bonus on your Gremlinism check. You can take this up to three times, for a maximum bonus of +6.


Enhancement: Extended Range
Cost: 2CP per 30 feet.

The range at which you can use Gremlinism increases by 30 feet for each rank in this enhancement, to a maximum of three ranks, which grants a range of 150 feet.

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