If you have Super Strength (25+), you are not reduced to half speed if you try to move someone while grappling because you can just drag them with you. The GM might rule that a particular opponent is simply too heavy for your Super Strength to make a difference (e.g., if you were to try to resist a robot made of gold for example), but in such cases, you can simply consult your Encumbrance stats for your Strength score and resolve the issue that way, if necessary.

As an additional note, the Grapple manoeuvre is not nearly as complicated as it’s made out to be. It’s almost the same as any other unarmed strike.

  • First, it provokes an attack of opportunity¬†unless you have Improved Grapple. If the attack of opportunity hits and does damage, then the grapple is cancelled.
  • Second, you make a touch attack. If that attack misses, then the grapple has been interrupted and does not proceed.
  • Third, there’s an opposed Grapple test, which is analogous to a damage roll. The roll is d20 + BA + Strength + size modifiers.

That’s it. If the attacker wins the opposed test, then the target is grappled, and there are other options at that point.

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