Generic Vehicles

Superheroes and villains don’t tend to drive specific makes and models of automobiles or other vehicles. They tend to drive, pilot, or fly vehicles that are custom made or otherwise of no particular brand name. Therefore, Phoenix uses Generic Vehicles. So, much like in D&D might have you buy a “war horse,” in Phoenix, you buy a “Luxury Sedan” or a “Military Helicopter.”


The vehicle stats are the same as those under standard d20 rules.

  • Pass (passengers) is the number of people that the vehicle can fit, including the driver.
  • Cargo is how much weight the vehicle can carry, including the crew and passengers.
  • Man (manoeuvre) is the vehicle’s modifier to your Drive, Pilot, or Ride checks as well to your Initiative rolls.
  • Speed is the number of combat squares the vehicle can move at maximum speed. Halve that number to get the vehicle’s speed in miles per hour (MPH).
  • Def is the Defence score of the vehicle.
  • Hard is the vehicle’s Hardness.
  • HPs is the vehicle’s hit points. When that number reaches zero (0), the vehicle no longer functions. It might make noise, but it will not move. To fully destroy a vehicle requires HPs damage three times its standard HPs.
  • Size is the size of the vehicle.
  • PDC is its price.
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