Generic Ammunition

The table below lists all ammunition by damage and price. The 5 standard types of bullets, A through E, are loose approximations of common calibres of modern bullets and step up in damage¬† through the standard dice: 2d4, 2d6, 2d8 2d10, and 2d12. A firearms listed as “B” type damage thus takes “B” type ammo.

Shot is small containers of pellets. When they fire, the pellets spread out in a wider area, but do less damage individually. As a result, shot takes a penalty, damage -1, for every range increment after the first.

There are also two kinds of non-lethal rounds, Rubber bullets and Bean-Bag rounds. Rubber bullets have been made of wood, wax, and most recently plastic. We use “rubber” as a generic term for any round that’s designed to be, as it were, less-than-lethal. They come in “A” and “B” calibres, which means they can be loaded into any weapon that takes those ammo types, and they do 2d6 NL, except on a critical hit, in which case they do half their damage as NL and half as HP.

Bean-Bag  rounds are small pouches filled with lead balls. You must buy a special kind of Shotgun to fire Bean-Bag rounds, however, and they follow the same rules about lethality as plastic rounds: 2d8 NL, except on a critical hit, in which case half their damage is NL and half is HP.

You can also purchase special bullets that increase the damage of your firearms by either exploding on impact (concussive), or flattening (slashing/piercing), or burning (heat/fire). Extra-damage ammo costs PDC +1 and increases the damage by 1d6 HPs. When you purchase the ammo, you must specify if the extra damage is concussive, heat-based, or slashing/piercing.

This game uses the term “clip” to refer both speed-loaders and actual clips: any small device used to quickly load bullets into, and remove spent shells out of, a cylinder or internally loaded firearm. They reduce the loading time from a full-round action to a move action.

When you purchase a firearm that takes magazines, it comes with one mag and bullets. When you buy bullets, they come with mags. Basically, don’t worry about mags unless you’re buying large mags.


Generic Ammunition

Type Amount Damage PDC
A 50 2d4 4
B 50 2d6 5
C 50 2d8 6
D 20 2d10 5
E 20 2d12 6
Rubber (“A” and “B” only) 50 2d6 NL 5
Shot 10 2d8 4
Slugs 10 2d10 5
Bean-Bag 10 2d8 NL 4
Clip 6 2
Large Magazine x2 3

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