Game Terms


This is a list of all the terms specific to this game.

Action Points (APs): APs add dice to any d20 roll (depending on your level), as well as a Power Stretch, Damage Negation, or a Death Retcon. You earn a number of APs equalling 6 + ½ your character level at every level-up.

Activate: The action type and PP cost to use a power. The entry is listed as “action type; PP cost.” The action type of a power indicates whether it provokes attacks of opportunity.

Advantages (Ads): Little things that make life easier. You can purchase them with CPs.

Adventurer: Restless thrill-seekers who live on luck.

Aerials: Humanoid creatures with wings.

Ammo Capacity: The number of bullets a given firearm can normally house.

Atlanteans: Humanoid creatures who live near the bottom of the ocean. They breath water and communicate telepathically.

Biological (Bio): This Origin designates powers that come from your generic structure, physiology, or anatomy.

Brutes: Large, strong, dumb humanoids.

Cat People: Humanoids with cat-like features, including claws, fangs, tails, and fur.

Champion: Charismatic heroes for a cause.

Character Points (CPs): With CPs, you can buy almost anything in the game, including advantages/complications, skills, feats, powers, and species templates. You get 10CP per level (standard).

Complications (Comps): Little things that make life harder. These grant you CPs.

Cosmic: This Origin designates powers that come from forces beyond human understanding, including galactic entities of god-like power or bizarre accidents of physics.

Damage / Ammo Type: The kind of bullets a given firearm requires.

Death Retcon: If you die from a single blow, you can return to life by the power of retroactive continuity. You return to your level of HPs before you died. Doing so costs 3APs.

Debris Damage: If you are inside a building and that building collapses on top of you, you take damage.

Derringers: Extremely small pistols that carry only 1 or 2 bullets.

Devices: Supertech items in general, which includes Doohickies, Ray Guns, Gizmos, Superchemicals, Gadgets and Power Armour.

Doohickies: Single-use, single-power devices.

Energy: This game term refers to one of the five energy types: cold, corrosion, electricity, heat, sonic/concussive.

Energy Resistance (ER): Listed as “R x” where “x” is a number that you subtract from any single energy effect that causes you damage. Energy Resistance usually applies to only one of the five energy types.

Feats, Tongue-In-Cheek: Feats that break not only the bounds of reality and physics, but logic and sense. They often involve Awesome bonuses/ penalties.

Gadgets: Items that generate the effects of a power.

Gizmos: Multiple-use, multiple-power, supertech devices.

Items: Powers that are physical objects: Esoteric Items, Gadgets, Iconic Items, and Power Armour.

Knockback: If you are hit by (a) someone with Super Strength, with (b) a blunt attack, that (c) does more damage than your Knockback Threshold, then you fly backwards through the air a number of feat equal to half that damage (i.e., 1/10th the total damage in squares).

Knockback Threshold: The damage that Super-Strength, blunt attacks have to exceed in order to provoke Knockback. Your Knockback Threshold equals 10 + your Fort save + your Strength modifier.

Machine Pistols: Handguns that are capable of Burst fire.

Martial Artist: Masters of exotic fighting systems.

Massive Damage: The amount of damage you can take before you have to make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or drop to -1 HPs, and stabilised.

Mastermind: Forceful tacticians and leaders.

Metapowers: Powers that affect other powers: Power Absorption, Power Duplication, Power Leech, Power Nullification, Power Resistance.

Mole People: Humanoids with mole-like qualities, including claws for digging and poor eyesight.

Mystical: This Origin designates powers that come from blind forces of the universe and divine entities.

Negate Damage: If you declare a Damage Negation after a hit is announced by before damage is announced, you can avoid the damage altogether. Doing so costs 2APs.

Origins: The source of your powers. The five Origins are: Biological, Cosmic, Mystic, Psionic, and Supertech.

Pistols: Handguns that automatically cock themselves and take box-type ammunition.

Power Dice: The die you roll at every level to determine how many PPs you get.

Power Points (PPs): The energy source you use to fuel your powers.

Power-Point Deficit: In dire emergencies, you can trade 1 point of Constitution for a single PP.

Power Stretch: When you use a power for something it’s not strictly designed to do, but could plausibly do. Power Stretching costs 1AP.

Power Resistance (PR): Listed as “PR: X” where “x” is a number that you subtract from any single power effect that causes you damage. Power Resistance usually applies to only one of the five Origins types.

Powers: Special supernatural, paranormal, or science-fictional abilities that you can buy with CPs. This includes Traits, Psi-Powers, Spells, and Items.

Psi-Power Resistance (PsR): Listed as “PsR: X” where “x” is a number, usually between 10 and 20. Attackers using psi-powers must make a manifester check against your PsR score. If they fail, the psi-power does not affect you at all.

Psionic (Psi): This Origin designates powers that come from the force of your mind and your will.

Rates of Fire: The number of times you can fire a given firearm in a round.

Ray Guns: Single-power, multi-use devices.

Revolvers: Handguns that employ a spinning barrel to advance bullets into the chamber.

Rock People: Humanoid creatures made of stone. They breath water and communicate telepathically.

Sidekick: Highly-trained team players.

Sleuth: Addicted to mysteries and not afraid to swing their fists.

Sneak: The ever-lovin’ masters of being sneaky.

Socialite: Rich and motivated

Soldier: Military-trained professionals who get the job done

Spell Resistance (SR): Listed as “SR: X” where “x” is a number, usually between 10 and 20. Attackers using spells or spell-like effects against you must make a caster check against your SR score. If they fail, the spell does not effect you at all.

Staple: Using a piercing weapon, mêlée or ranged, to pin someone by their clothes to a wall or other surface.

Super Ability Scores: Any ability score that is 25 or greater is Super. Any attack that uses a Super Ability Score is automatically considered “super” for the purposes of bypassing Damage Reduction.

Super Attacks: Any attack modified by a Super Ability Score (i.e., a score of 25 or more.

Superchemicals: Single-use supertech substances that anyone can use by ingestion or injection.

Supertech: This Origin designates powers that come from advanced technology.

Sustain: The action type and PP cost of maintaining a continuous power. It is listed as “action type; PP per unit of time.” Powers with units of time with slash marks, like “2PPs per round/ minute” cost that number of power points per round in combat, and per the second unit out of combat.

Thinker: Cerebral ponderers who think before they act. 

Tomorrow People: Humanoids with big heads and telepathic powers. Really big heads. Like beach-balls, man.

Traits: Powers that are indistinguishable from your your genetic code, physiology, or spiritual essence, and therefore are not affected by the metapowers and do not cost PPs to fuel.

Warrior: Devotees of the sweet science of kicking ass. 

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