Gadget [item]


Discount: 1CP per 5CP (i.e., 20%, rounded down)
Activate: as power
Sustain: as power
Range: as power

It’s a staple of comic-book superheroes to have powers that are derived from high-tech devices, magic items, and artifacts dropped from the heavens. These are Gadgets. You can load a single power, as well as any of its enhancements and limitations, into a Gadget.Traits cannot be loaded into Gadgets because traits are inherent parts of your body; however, many traits can be taken as powers with the appropriate limitation.

Because of these limitations, and the fact that Gadgets can be lost, stolen, and destroyed, you get a discount on the price of the power you load into a Gadget. For every 5CP you load into a Gadget, you get a 1CP discount, which works out to about 20% off. Calculate the discount based on the net cost of the power, including, levels, enhancements, and limitations. You must invest at least 5CP into a Gadget to get the discount. You can upgrade an existing Gadget with new enhancements and limitations. You can have more than one Gadget at a time.

Gadget Discount
Total Cost Discount
6CP to 10CP 2CP
11CP to 15CP 3CP
16CP to 20CP 4CP
21CP to 25CP 5CP
26CP to 30CP 6CP
31CP to 35CP 7CP
36CP to 40CP 8CP
41CP to 45CP 9CP
46CP to 50CP 10CP
etc. etc.


The Origin of your Gadget must be the same as that of the rest of your powers. If you have no other powers, the Gadget can be any Origin you like, but if you take multiple Gadgets they all have to have the same Origin. You can role-play as if it’s mentally activated, or has a set of controls of some kind, or even both. In any case, using a Gadget does not change the kind or number of actions required to use the power loaded into it, except that you do have to have it in your hand to use it.

Gadgets automatically consume your PPs. This might not make real-world sense, but it’s the simplest way to use them in-game. If you want to say that you’re “low on tillium fuel” or that your “atomic batteries are depleted,” nobody’s going to stop you.

Gadgets are by default hand-held (Tiny-sized), about the size of a runner’s baton or a paper-back novel. They weigh about a kilo (2 – 3 pounds), and have a Hardness of 3 and 10HPs. A Gadget reduced to 0 or fewer HPs becomes a pile of broken components and ceases to function.

You can have as many individual Gadgets as you want, but each one can have only one power.



If your Gadget takes damage without being destroyed, then you can get it repaired by someone with the appropriate skill. You can repair Biological Gadgets using Craft (pharmaceutical), Supertech with Repair, Mystic with Spellcraft, and Psionic with Psicraft. Cosmic Gadgets are, by definition, bizarre and unusual. Depending on the in-game explanation for the Gadget itself, the GM will rule on an appropriate skill on a situational basis. Bio Gadgets can also be healed by powered or mystical means, such as Healing Touch or any of the Cure spells.

Each repair attempt restores a number of hit points equal to the result of the check, subtracted by 10 (i.e., HP = Check – 10). GMs are also, of course, perfectly within their rights to insist that a particular Gadget, especially if it’s Cosmic, can be fixed only by consulting the Grand High Mech-Mage-Poobah of the Hyreilean Order of Paraganastania (or whatever) if it would make a good adventure hook.



If your Gadget is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, you have two options to replace it. First, you can try to find it by conventional means, in-game, which is probably going to be the most fun. This can involve retracing your steps if you lost it, and possibly negotiating with the small child who inevitably found it and is using as his new toy. In cases where the Gadget was stolen, you might have to challenge and defeat the thief, but without the benefit of the power that Gadget gives you, which is also fun in its own way.

Alternatively, you can go one session without your Gadget (in addition to the session in which you lost it) and have it replaced at the beginning of the subsequent session. During the session in which you don’t have it, you’re simply “working on getting it back.” You must also provide an explanation that is convincing to both your GM and your fellow players for how it miraculously reappeared in your life.

Explanations can include, but are not limited to: figuring out where you lost it and going back, making a deal with whomever stole it to return it, going back to whomever gave it to you and getting a new one, or even building a new one yourself. No material or in-game mechanics need to be invoked in this last case. The materials, expertise, and work-space needed to make the Gadget are simply not discussed, as is traditional with super-powered items or weapons in comic books, most of the time.


Incorporate Mundane Technology

If your Gadget is Supertech, then you can incorporate normal tools or technology into it. Once you acquire a piece of technology to install into/onto your Gadget, you also need to buy some spare parts for the installation, like extra connecting cables, or brackets. The specifics don’t matter, although you’re free to supply whatever explanation you like.

The cost of the installation hardware starts at PDC 2, but goes up based on the price of the technology to be installed. For every 5 PDC of the technology to be incorporated into the Gadget, the Purchase DC of the installation parts goes up by +1. Most of the time this cost will be negligible but in some cases the tech you want to install will be expensive enough that installing it is expensive, too.

The actual installation requires a Repair check. The DC for the installation:

  • Mechanics: 12
    • e.g., mounting a mêlée weapon or firearm onto a suit of Power Armour, or incorporating a Gadget into a mundane weapon
  • Simple Electronics: 15
    • e.g., incorporating a cell  phone into a Gadget, or installing a Gadget into a car
  • Complex Electronics: 18
    • e.g., incorporating a laptop into a suit of Power Armour to create a Head’s Up Display


The GM can, of course, set higher or lower DCs if she feels the situation warrants it. Depending on the circumstances, GMs might rule that you can install an electronic or mechanical unit into a non-Supertech Gadget, for example insinuating a PDA into an organic “second skin.”


Enhancement: Additional Power
Cost: 2CP

You can load a second power into your Gadget. You can take this enhancement multiple times; each time, it grants a second power to a separate Gadget. No individual Gadget can have more than two powers.


Enhancement: Diminutive Gadget
Cost: 2CP

Your Gadget is diminutive-sized instead of tiny. It weighs 1 pound. It is the size of a mobile phone or a pocket watch. You can slip it into a pocket. This enhancement is incompatible with Fine Gadget, Small Gadget, and Medium Gadget.


Enhancement:  Fine Gadget
Cost: 4CP

Your Gadget is fine-sized instead of tiny. It weighs an ounce or two. It is the size of a large coin or a ball-point pen. You can palm one and still work a phone or drive. You can, depending on the shape, tuck it behind your ear. This enhancement is incompatible with Diminutive Gadget, Small Gadget, and Medium Gadget.


Enhancement: Increased Power Points
Cost: 1CP per rank (+1PPs)

For every rank in this power, your Gadget gains +2 PPs of its own. These points can be used only to fuel the Gadget’s power. You can take this enhancement multiple times. Its effects stack.


Enhancement: Self-Repairing
Cost: varies

This enhancement grants your Gadget the ability to repair itself, as per the table below. It can self-repair only if it is at 0HPs or more.

Rate of Self-Repair CP Cost
1HP / hour 2CP
1HP / minute 3CP
1HP / round 5CP
2HP / round 10CP
3HP / round 15CP
4HP / round 20CP
5HP / round 25CP


Enhancement: Gadget Resurrection
Cost: 4CP
Prerequisite: Self-Repairing

Your Gadget continues to self-repair even after it’s been brought to below 0HPs, although the Rate of Healing is halved until it reaches 1HP (½HP every hour for 2CP, 1HP every round for 10CP, etc.). As long as the bulk of the parts are within 1 foot of each other, they will eventually reform into the Gadget you know and love.


Enhancement: Power Armour
Cost: varies

You have a suit onto which you can install many Gadgets. See Power Armour.

Enhancement: Thought Activated
Cost: 5CP

Your Gadget is now keyed to your thought patterns so that you can operate it hands-free, and you can wear it or mount it on your clothing. As long as you can think, you can operate it. It does, however, have to be out in the open to function. You can’t hide in a bag or swallow it (a swallowed Gadget is effectively a power).

Enhancement: Tough Gadget
Cost: 2CP per rank (+1 Hardness, +4HPs)

For every rank in this enhancement, your Gadget gains 1 point of Hardness and 4HPs. You can take this enhancement multiple times. Its effects stack.


Enhancement: Voice Activated
Cost: 3CP

Your Gadget‘s controls are verbal, so that you can operate it hands-free, and you can wear it or mount it on your clothing. As long as you can speak, you can operate it. It does, however, have to be out in the open to function. You can’t hide in a bag or swallow it (a swallowed Gadget is effectively a power).


Enhancement: Weaponize
Cost: 1CP + Purchase DC of Weapon

This enhancement converts your Gadget into a functioning weapon of some kind, in addition to having powers. This requires that you both spend 1CP and that you purchase the mundane weapon that you want your Gadget to be. This is a conceit, of course. Your character does not have to actually buy the weapon. You are free, encouraged even, to thematically combine the weapon’s function and the Gadget‘s power, thus making a gun that can also shoot Webbing, for example, or a sword that grants Amazing Combat Skills.


Limitation: Fragile Gadget
Value: 2CP

Your Gadget has no Hardness and only 5HPs.


Limitation: Small Gadget
Value: 1CP

Your Gadget is small-sized instead of tiny. It weighs 12 pounds. It is about the size and shape of a walking stick, so a baseball bat, an umbrella, or a golf-club, for example. It can also be a blocky shape, like a briefcase, backpack, or laptop. This limitation is incompatible with Diminutive Gadget, Fine Gadget, and Medium Gadget.


Limitation: Medium Gadget
Value: 2CP

Your Gadget is medium-sized instead of tiny. It weighs 25 pounds. It can be the shape of a small filing cabinet or trunk. It is unwieldy enough that you have to carry it in two hands. This limitation is incompatible with Diminutive Gadget, Fine Gadget, and Small Gadget.


Enhancement: Vehicle-Mounted Gadget
Value: 2CP per rank (1 slot)

This enhancement installs your Gadget into a vehicle of your choice―car, truck, motorcycle―of up to Large size. (NB: vehicles all have a maximum number of  Item Slots.) It becomes part of the vehicle; thus, any part of the power description that says “you” now applies to the vehicle. GMs retain the right to rule that some powers simply don’t apply to vehicles and to limit how much a given power can affect. For example, a car can’t have Amazing Diplomacy, and Teleport should probably only apply to the driver, not to passengers (without the appropriate enhancements). Effects that apply only to “you” do not automatically apply to people in the vehicle. Protection powers apply to only the vehicle as well, but of course, being in a covered vehicle would mean that you would be protected by, for example, Damage Reduction or Amazing Deflection.

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