Forsworn from Firearms

Value: 2CP per rank

You shun the use of guns of any sort (including futuristic gun-like weapons like blasters or laser rifles). You might think of them as brutal, clumsy, noisy, or dishonourable. A family member or loved one might have been shot by one. The explanation is up to you. This restriction does not apply to non-lethal gun-like weapons that are not actual firearms or energy weapons, such as a taser, or a net-launching guns, and it does not apply to damaging projectile powers like Energy Attack, although it does apply to an Energy Attack Gadget.

Rank 1 (2CP): You steadfastly refuse to carry or use firearms, although you grudgingly acknowledge that other people might have legitimate reasons for doing so. In extreme cases, you may pick up a firearm and use it for a purpose other than shooting someone (e.g., cutting a rope, detonating an explosive, throwing it to an ally, etc.). The GM may call for a Will save (of at least DC 15) before allowing you to do so.

Rank 2 (4CP): You refuse to even touch a firearm, even when your life or the lives of others might be on the line. Your have extreme personal reasons for actively hating guns. A loved one might have been killed by one, for example. Only in truly extreme circumstances―a number of lives hang in the balance―can the character attempt a very difficult Will save (at least DC 25) to pick up a firearm and use it on an inanimate object. Even then, under no circumstances can the character actually use it against another living or sentient being.

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