Form Shift

Value: 2CP
Prerequisite: you must have powers
Activation: 1PP per shift

You must shift from your normal physical form to a super-powered hero form in order to access your powers. Shifting from your mundane to your powered form requires a move action, costs 1PP, and counts as Activating a power, which means you can apply the Dramatic Activation Comp to it. Form Shifting, the action, can also be detected by Power Detection.

Your heroic form’s face can be covered or uncovered, at your option, and both your heroic and normal forms wear whatever clothing, armour, and equipment (up to a light load) that they wore the last time they shifted. Your Charisma score is not different (unless your Charisma is a power), but your facial features can be totally different if you want them to be. This means that you could have a heroic form that is not recognisably similar to your normal form, regardless of rolls made to Observe checks. The two forms don’t have to be similar in any way, if you don’t want them to be.

If you take this comp as well as Bizarre Area Effect, reduce the CP value of the latter by half. Having the Bizarre Area Effect ‘on’ only half the time means it’s half as complicating to your life.

Additional Complications

Additional Comp: Multiple Forms
Value: 2cp

You have an additional “form,” and at least one of your powers is accessible only in that form. You can freely shift between all of your forms. All other rules apply normally.


Enhancement: Accessible Power
Cost: 2cp of the power’s value

You can access one or more of your powers in your normal form.

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