Force Majeure


(created by Orion Ussner Kidder)

Full Name: Major Guy le Duc

Appearance: Guy le Duc is a lanky man with a large frame. He wears his dark hair short and, off-duty, permits himself the affectation of a pair of sunglasses. He dresses immaculately but is perpetually two years behind the current fashion. While he is on base or performing duties as a soldier, he wears his fatigues, but on-mission, he is usually undercover, wearing whatever he needs to in order to blend in with local fashion.

Personality/History: Guy le Duc joined the French army when he came of age and was immediately drafted into the psionics division after having scored extremely high on a series of military tests designed to reveal supernatural abilities. Le Duc dutifully served his country, often performing seemingly innocuous tasks such as delaying a subject for a specific amount of time, implanting simple suggestions in a mind, making people turn left when they would have turned right, and so on. It was five years before he even began to think about investigating the consequences of his activities.

He discovered that he had, without his knowledge, been transferred to a top-secret French intelligence division called Les Horlogeries. Operating under little if any oversight, “the Clockworks” had put him to work sabotaging good deeds: preventing human-rights activists from arriving for court appearances, stalling high-level bureaucrats during international crises, scrambling the minds of ambassadors on peace missions. By his own count, le Duc was responsible for the deaths of thousands and the suffering of tens of thousands. Knowing that there was no way to officially leave the agency, he simply disappeared. He has worked tirelessly since, undoing his own bad deeds and subverting Les Horlogeries in any way he can.

Location: Paris, France

Power Theme: Force Majeure is conversant in a great number of psionic techniques, concentrating on low-key combat and stealth. He chooses not to study any technique (i.e., psi-power) that has a visual effect, anything that advertises itself as supernatural but instead focuses on those abilities that enhance his ability to survive a fight, sneak past wary opponents, or simply survive his espionage-oriented lifestyle. He also maintains a small number of mind-affecting powers that he uses to cover his tracks, such as Mindwipe.

Combat/Tactics: Force Majeure does not engage in direct combat if he can instead distract or evade his opponents using  psionic techniques. He will sneak past, distract, or confuse, if possible, and engage in direct combat only when absolutely necessary. Even then, he usually seeks to escape the combat and achieve his primary goals rather than stick around and “win.” He utterly refuses to use deadly force against non-combatants of all kinds, including low-level hired muscle who have no actual stake in the larger game.


Class Mentalist 6
Species Human
Ethnicity Occitan
Nationality French
ECL 13 (6 levels + 17CP)
Hit Dice 6d4 (14HP + Con)
Mass. Damage 50HPs
Initiative Dex +2
Speed 30 ft.
Defence  18 +2* (Dex +2, Cls +2, Leather Jacket +1, Heavy Inserts +4, *Dodge +2)
Touch: 14, Flat-Footed: 16
Knockback 15
Base Attack +3
Mêlée: +3, Ranged: +5
Attacks Combat Martial Arts +3 (1d4 L/NL)
Heavy Pistol +5 (2d8, 40 ft., S)
Ability Scores Str 10, Dex 14 +2, Con 16 +3, Int 12 +1, Wis 10, Cha 19 +4
Size/Reach Medium / 5 ft.
Allegiance La France
Saves  Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +5
Action Points 6 APs
Reputation +1
Occupation Military
Skills 40
Autohypnosis +2 (rnk 0), Bluff +9 (rnk 5), Concentration +8 (rnk 5), Diplomacy +11 (rnk 5), Gather Info +11 (rnk 5), Psicraft +8 (power stones +2) (rnk 5), Sense Motive +5 (rnk 5), Spellcraft +3 (scrolls +2) (rnk 0), Stealth +7 (rnk 5), Powercraft +3 (knobs +2) (rnk 0), Use Device +9 (psionic +2) (rnk 5),
Languages French, German
Feats Brawl, Combat Martial Arts (Blinding Strike), Defensive Martial Arts, Improved Initiative, Daredevil Driver
Proficiencies Armour, Firearms, Weapons (mêlée, ranged)
Power Die 6d12 (42)
Origin Psionic
Powers 17cp
Psionic Manifestation rank 4 , Increased Manifester Level rank 1 17cp
1st Level Burst, Chameleon, Empathy, Far Hand, Force Screen, Hammer, Know Direction and Location, Missive, Telempathic Projection, Thicken Skin
2nd Level Body Adjustment, Body Purification, Cloud Mind, Darkvision, Psionic Knock, Psionic Levitate, Mental Disruption, Sustenance, Psionic Tongues, Wall Walker
3rd Level Dimension Slide, Empathic Feedback, Eradicate Invisibility, Mental Barrier, Mind Trap, Psionic Blast, Forced Share Pain, Telekinetic Force, Time Hop, Touchsight
4th Level Correspond, Psionic Dimension Door, Psionic Divination, Empathic Feedback, Energy Adaptation, Psionic Freedom of Movement, Inertial Barrier, Mindwipe, Personality Parasite, Psychic Reformation
Special Abilities Psionic Meditation, Narrow Mind, Bonus Feat
Wealth 9
Equipment Leather Jacket (Armour +1), Inserts (Equipment +4), Heavy Pistol
Ads Additional Identity Rank 3 (DC 25) 3cp
Protected Identity Rank 2 (DC +30) 2cp
Skill Points rnk 1 1cp
Comps Nemesis: Les Horlogeries Frequency Rank 2 (30%) Strength Ranks 3 (100%) +5cp


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