Force Field [power]


Cost: 6CP
Activate: 1PP; move action
Sustain: per round/hour; free action
Range: self

You can project a bubble of solid energy around yourself that has Hardness equal to 10 + your Will save, so any physical attack that does more than 10Hps collapses it (i.e., it disappears entirely, and you’d have to reactivate it).

The bubble surrounds you at a distance of 3 to 4 feet (i.e., it’s a sphere, but it takes up a medium-sized space), and it travels with you as you move. It protects not just you, and not just what you’re wearing, but also anything you might be carrying that fits in that space and anyone who might have squeezed into it with you. A maximum of two people can fit in a single bubble (unless you take the appropriate enhancements, see below). The bubble cannot form if it is blocked by a solid object (aside from the ground or floor).

Force Field bubbles are visible but fully transparent. You can see through them with no penalty, but their shape and position are discernible to the eye. They can appear, for example, as a shimmering veil, a wall of blue energy, or a crystal barrier. As always, the specifics are entirely up to you.

The bubble blocks all attacks from passing through it, including gasses, energy attacks, or Super attacks, and Phased people or objects cannot pass through it. It does not block mental attacks of any kind (regardless of Origin). You can hear sound through it, but it blocks sonic-based attacks.

Your bubble has a Defence score of 10. Your personal Defence bonuses (Dexterity, powers, armour/shields) are all inside the bubble so they’re no help to its Defence. If you’re running, falling, or flying, then its Defence rises to 12 because the bubble is a moving target. Flanking a bubble does not grant a +2 to hit because it’s not a living creature, so splitting its attention does no good. A bubble cannot be caught flat-footed.

However, the bubble is a separate target from you. Attacks directed at you strike the bubbleinstead, and attacks directed at thebubble do not strike you at all. Area effects that cause damage, like a Burst Energy Attack can potentially affect you when you’re inside a Force Field bubble. If you fail your Will save (see above), the bubble falls and the area effect acts upon you normally.

Your bubble traps any gasses that are in its radius. If you create it an NO2 environment, then it will have enough air to breath for 4 hours. At the end of 4 hours the environment is poisoned by carbon dioxide, at which point you must make a Fortitude save (DC 20). If you succeed, you manage to remain unaffected by the lack of oxygen. You must make another Fortitude save (DC 20) every hour thereafter. The first failure, however, makes you fatigued, the second makes you exhausted, and after a third failure you fall unconscious, at which point the Force Field drops. Succeeding at any of these checks merely keeps you in your present state, either unaffected, fatigued, or exhausted. You don’t get better until you either refresh your air supply or leave the carbon-dioxide environment.

You can submerge a bubble in water or other liquid, but it’s a weightless globe of buoyant air so if it is submerged, it immediately ascends at a speed of 30 feet per round. However, while submerged, you must make a Fortitude save every round to resist the pressure of the water. The DC of the check is 10, +2 for every 10 feet of depth. Thus, at a 50-foot depth, the DC would be 20.

You can maintain a Force Field bubble in a vacuum, as well. This requires a DC 15 Fortitude save every round. If you fail, the bubble disappears.


Enhancement: Bigger Bubble
Cost: 3CP per rank
Activate: +1PP per rank
Sustain: per round/hour; free action

For every rank in this power, you can increase the size of your bubble by one size category. You can change the size of the bubble by one category as a Swift action or as many categories as you like with a Move action. For the exact dimensions for a given bubble size, see the table below. Although the sizes are listed as “squares,” in-game, they are spheres with the volumes listed below (and of course, you can use a hex grid if you want to).

Size Volume Size Modifier Air
Medium one square 30 minutes
Large four squares -1 4 hours
Huge nine squares -2 13 hours
Gargantuan sixteen squares -4 4 days
Colossal thirty-six squares -8 33 days


Enhancement: Damaging Bubble
Cost: 1CP per rank
Activate: +1PP; free action
Sustain: per round; free action

For every rank in this power, your Force Field causes 1d6 NL energy damage to anyone who touches the outside of the bubble, which includes unarmed strikes against it. The energy type is up to you, and you cannot change it once you’ve chosen it.


Enhancement: Malleable Bubbles
Cost: 6CP

You can now control the exact shape of your Force Field. Instead of a spherical bubble, you can shrink, twist, and contort it at your whim. You’re no longer required to make the bubbles an enclosed shape, either. You can flatten one and create a 10-by-20-foot wall. The minimum size is about 60 cubic inches (a 4-inch cube or a 3-inch diameter sphere). If you have multiple bubbles, you can now snake them around corners and make them take creative shapes. Thus, you can now create contiguous bubbles on diagonals, not just on facing sides. Reshaping a bubble requires a move action.


Enhancement: Multi-Bubble
Cost: 2CP per rank
Activate: 1PP per bubble; swift action
Sustain: per round/hour; free action
Save: standard, Reflex

For every rank in this enhancement, you can create another Force Field bubble that fills a medium-sized area next to your initial bubble, thus creating a tube rather than a sphere. For mapping purposes, all your bubbles must touch each other on a side, not just a corner. They do not, however, have to be one, big block. You can string them out into any shape you like.

If you put a bubble around someone else, that person can choose to make a Reflex save to avoid being encased, and she can also do damage to the bubble internally exactly the same way as she could from the outside.


Enhancement: Separate Bubbles
Cost: 6CP
Prerequisite: Multiple Bubbles
Activate: +1PP per extra bubble; special

Save: standard, Reflex

You can now create entirely separate bubbles, not touching each other at all, although you can create them only in squares that are adjacent to you. Thus, you can toss one onto yourself and others onto your teammates, for example. Keeping multiple bubbles active at once costs an extra 1PP for every bubble after the first one. The activation times for this enhancement and for the main power occur simultaneously. Thus, if you activate three 5-foot bubbles, the activation time is just one move action.

Alternatively, you may activate a bubble and then make it last a number of rounds by investing it with PPs that it then consumes until they run out; i.e., if you wanted it to last 3 rounds, you’d put 3PPs into it. You could then leave the area or even die and the bubble would remain until it ran out. You do not have the option of cancelling the bubble and/or recovering those points.

No two bubbles can occupy the same space, so you cannot make a two-layered bubble. You can, however, place a bubble inside another bubble if none of the walls occupy the same lines on the battlemap (e.g., around your whole team and a second, much smaller one, around yourself).


Enhancement: Ranged Bubbles
Cost: 3CP

For every rank in this power, you can manifest your bubbles up to 30 feet away at its nearest point. If you put a bubble around someone else, that person can choose to make a Reflex save to avoid being encased, and she can also do damage to the bubble internally exactly the same way as she could from the outside. You can take up to 5 ranks in this enhancement for a total distance of 150 feet.

Special: You can project Separate bubbles at Range if you have both enhancements.


Enhancement:  Tough Bubbles
Cost: 1CP per rank (Hardness +2)

For every rank in this power, your bubble gets Hardness +2. You can take this enhancement multiple times. Its effects stack.



Limitation: Immobile Bubble
Value: 2CP

When you generate your bubble, it is anchored to that spot until you dismiss it or it fails. You (and your gear) can leave it or enter it as you please.


Limitation: Energy Vulnerability
Value: 1CP per base rank

Your bubble has no effect to on one of the five energy types: chemical, cold, electricity, heat, sonic/concussive.


Limitation: Origin Vulnerability
Value: 1CP per base rank

Your bubble has no effect to on one of the five Origins types: bio, cosmic, mysical, psionic, supertech.

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