Flyers can do many things. They’re great look-outs or pursuit specialists. They can pick off earth-bound targets, either in mêlée or with ranged attacks. The following suite gives you the powers and feats for a mêlée-based Flyer, but you can easily sub-out or expand to include Blaster powers. The primary power of the Flyer is, of course, Flight, and you can supplement that with the Aerobatics feat as well as vision powers.

In combat, Flyers float just out of range of the fight and take pot-shots, similar to the Acrobat’s tactics, either using Fly-By Attack or ranged attacks. A Flyer with a good sniper rifle is a powerful character indeed.

The best classes for the Flyer grant a high BA, like the Soldier, which also grants a Sneak Attack. The Martial Artist is  also a good choice if you want a physical Flyer. But if you’re not interested in a combat-oriented Flyer, you can take a Sneak for the skill points, which you can use to enhance physical skills, or a Sidekick, for their ability to contribute to a fight without quite getting into the fight.


Ability Enhancement: Dexterity +8 16CP
Flight: Excellent Skill, Fast Cruising, Flight Speed III 24CP
Option: Energy Attack: Ranged 50 ft, 5d6 10CP
Option: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Sharpshooter, Deadeye, Sniper 10CP
Option: Dodge, Mobility, Flyby Attack, Brawl, Sucker Punch 10CP


Recommended Feats

Aerobatics, Astrobatics, Deadly Precision, Sneak Attack, Dexterous, Power Attack

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