Flight Skill

The following flight skill categories are unchanged from standard d20 rules.

Flight Skill
Manoeuvre Clumsy Poor Average Good Perfect
Minimum Forward Speed Half Half Half None None
Hover No No No Yes Yes
Fly Backward No No No Yes Yes
Reverse No No No -5 ft. Free
Turn 45º / 10 ft. 45º / 5 ft. 45º / 5 ft. 90º / 50 ft. Any
Turn in Place No No +45º / 5 ft. +90º / 50 ft. Any
Maximum Turn 45º 45º 90º Any Any
Up Angle 45º 45º 60º Any Any
Up Speed Half Half Half Half Full
Down Angle 45º 45º Any Any Any
Down Speed Double Double Double Double Double
Between Down and Up 20 ft. 10 ft. 5 ft. 0 ft. 0 ft.