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Our descriptions for powers might, at first, seem a bit dry. There is a reason for this. We’ve written them to be abstract because the superhero genre is extremely varied and flexible. Instead of writing up specific descriptions for every power we could think of, we simply made powers that apply somewhat generic bonuses or grant abilities ruled by existing game mechanics, at least as much as possible. This way, you can apply any description you’d like for your powers. 

An Energy Attack: Concussive can be a giant ghostly hammer that slams out of your forehead. Natural Weapons can be golden daggers you shoot out your nose. Mighty Lifting could be a gleaming steel exoskeleton grafted onto your body from head to foot. How the powers manifest and what they look like is entirely up to you.

You can describe powers as if they’re combined. Appendages can have Natural Weapons built onto them. Your Amazing Leap might actually be a side-effect of shooting your Energy Attack: Heat downwards like a rocket. Your Power Armour could grant Amazing Accuracy because it has a HUD built into it. You can attribute all your powers, no matter how many or how diverse, to one source, if you want to. If you have Ability Enhancements, Super SpeedEnergy Attack: Heat, and Amazing Dodge, you’re breaking no rules if you consistently claims that these all derive from the awesome power of your pecs.

You can invent visual effects for your powers with a limited freedom.  You can’t alter your abilities, and you can’t duplicate a skill, a feat, a power, or an ad/comp through a visual-effect. You also cannot duplicate any mundane technology. For example, you might give off a slight glow or glitter effect when you use a particular power, but you can’t shed enough light to read by. A power’s manifestation can’t have a useful, in-game effect that isn’t listed in its description, but you’re free to describe it in impressive terms. Basically, if it doesn’t impinge on the hard rules governing you or your powers, you can describe them any way you like. We provide the rules and you provide the flavour. That’s how this particular game works best. It’s a very fantastic genre, so have fun with it.

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