The mechanics of feats are nearly unchanged in Phoenix: you get 2 at first level and then 1 every 3 levels thereafter. In addition, you can also buy the Feats ad (i.e., 2cp per feat).

The Feat Table, below and in the Tables menu (at right), lists all the feats from the SRDs, which includes everything from D&D and d20 Modern as well as some from The Complete Psionics Handbook. Some of the psionic feats were removed because they don’t fit the tone of this game. We have also removed all feats that grant a flat +2 to two related skills because you can simply buy skill points (1CP for 4 skill points), and you can take Skill Aptitude to raise your maximum ranks.

We’ve also raised the power level of a lot of the old feats, and there is also exactly one metric crap-tonne of new feats that are unique to Phoenix. These new feats are more powerful than standard feats so that you can perform the death-defying and often physically-impossible stunts that superheroes do. For example, Dodge grants a +2 to Defence instead of a +1, and Weapon Focus grants attack +1 and damage +2 instead of just attack +1. 

You are free to introduce any other feats from any other expansion books into your games, of course, but we recommend that you double-check to make sure that whatever you import into Phoenix isn’t already there under a different name or a slightly altered form.


F/X Feats

All Psionic feats have a prerequisite of either Wild Talent or the power Psionic Manifestation. On the Feat Table, Psionic and Metapsionic feats are marked with a P. Please note that not all the psionic feats from the SRDs were included. A selection, chosen for their appropriateness to this game system, are listed here. Your GM might allow you to take other Psionic feats, but you shouldn’t count on it.

Metamagic and metapsionic feats increase the activation cost of spells/psi-powers by a factor of one more rank’s worth of power points. For example, Quickening a spell or psi-power costs +4 ranks, so it adds 12PPs to the activation for a spell (3PPs per level) or 16PPs for a psi-power (4PPs per level).


Tongue-In-Cheek Feats

At the end of the regular feats is a section of feats that are either specific to the superhero genre, specific to some other genre, or just a little on goofy side. GMs and players should read over those feats with some care and agree, as a group, to either use them or not. Some of them require a relaxed attitude towards fixed rules and a willingness to embrace a little bit of silliness. Some of them require familiarity with some of the sillier tropes of superhero comics. If you read through those feats and roll your eyes, then you probably shouldn’t use them. If you read through them and snicker uncontrollably, then you could probably have a lot of fun with them.


Feat Groups

In Phoenix, feats belong to Feat Groups. This arrangement helps with organization and class design because you get access to three Feat Groups for your bonus feats. The groups are: Defensive, Combat, Offensive, Ranged, General, Mystical, Proficiencies, Psionic, Saves, Skills, Supertech, Tongue-in-Cheek, Vehicle.